Sunday, October 2, 2011

Have 7ish minutes to make this post which will hopefully limit the amount of time I put into picking what pictures to put up, helps that my camera is having functional difficulties. Anyway, have a bit of a break until the end of October, meeting up with my mom next week in Bangkok and will head up to Northern Thailand and go from there. On Ao Nang right now, Phi Phi tomorrow then meeting up with Kait and Stew, then Bangkok to watch Moneyball. Slept in today, ate Subway twice, read and went swimming with huge waves and sun. Good day. I will post fun things if I come across them and this is what I have for you today. Have a fun Sunday, stay in touch. Found these other pictures from

Where I am today

Miss you guys.


  1. We miss you, Bert! Enjoy your holidays!

  2. Your brotips were a copy/paste-poor-excuse-for-a-post, mr Brandon. Hey were like lululemon inspirational quips for the dude who is intouch but doesnt want to come off too soft.

    Sorry for being MIA lately, it's been busy. My best friend is getting married and I'm the maid of honor. Wedding speeches are more difficult than you think, and, notwithstanding my disapproving tone above, your brotips might be making their wedding debut. I head to Dominican republic on Thursday. I'll be making a few posts of my own, I'll require you to pledge your allegiance to those immediately.

    I miss you very much and feel jealousy and rage streamlined comfortably into one when I reflect on your current life status. There are many who could take a life lesson from you mr. Brandon, and it would be a hell of a lot more inspiring than an alcohol-induced 'bro tip'.

    Also, in other news, I hit a parked car on my street yesterday. It turned out to be Kalan's mom's, Hereford my license is still intact and my insurance is none the wiser. That is all.


  3. I've reviewed my post (post-posting) and realized a few things:
    1. My distaste for bro tips is greater than I initially realized
    2. IPhone autocorrect is not as smart as it believes it is.



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