Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hong Kong: Part I


In the Bangkok airport right now, 2:11 am and this airport doesn't have free WIFI so will try and pass the 4 plus hours I have left here then post sometime when I get back to school or home.

HK is super fun. Really not that impressed that I had to leave today, got most of the things I wanted done but could easily stay another week. Things that come to mind from my trip: 1-Chinese girls are beautiful. Enough said. 2-HK is very clean and efficient. Really easy to use subway, buses, taxis and ferries. Getting around is no problem and fairly cheap. 3-HK is massive. 4-Chinese girls are beautiful 
 5-Love hanging out with Jake. Jake, sorry it took me to get to number 5 to show you some love. Probably the best part was getting to see Jake and just spending time hanging out, drinking a beer or two and just being in a new, fun country. 6-HK is a super big city but has tons of parks, beaches and really good hiking.
7-People love drinking.

Want a cab?? Get in line.
8-Jake lives in a baller community with an amazing view.
9-Food in HK is great, very modern and most people speak English, unlike a certain town that I live in.

 10-Bought some pretty interesting things and HK has super cheap to super expensive/elite shopping. (Can't wait to be elite) That is a quick summary of my thoughts, will post a bit more detail later on this week but HK surpassed expectations, nice to get out of Thailand for a bit and loved seeing Jake. Weekend for the books. Now thoughts turn to where to go for October break, thinking maybe Bali, Laos or Cambodia or some combination of two of them.
Teacher Bert out.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Post #52

Spent a long weekend here at the start of June.
Have taken a little break from posting and will try and come back strong with the next one, this one is just to let people know I'm still alive after my 20 plus hour journey from Canada. Let's start there.

Canada was so fun! Saw most of the people I wanted, did so many fun things (snowboarding, Canada's Wonderland, Matt's wedding, street meat, family, friends and eating my moms chili) and 6 weeks was a good amount of time to be back. IF Kelan and I went mini putting on a beautiful day but it appeared closed but didn't have anyone there to ensure that we knew it was closed and played anyway with our own putter and golf balls, well that would have been a great time, if that had happened...

I didn't take very many pictures while I was back and now that I'm back in Thailand I am camera-less so that is another reason I haven't been posting fun things. HOWEVER, I am going to Hong Kong on Thursday so I will for sure have pictures and fun stories from that adventure with Mr. Jacob Howard:

Matt's wedding was a perfect way to end my trip. Weddings are very fun, especially when you are in one and one of my favorite parts is getting served food first. I could really get used to living the life of the elite. Started watching Downton Abbey, a British drama, and it focuses on this wealthy family and they have servants that help them get dressed; I could get into a life like that. Here is a picture or two:

Had an alright birthday, not a huge fan of working on your birthday but after 6 weeks I suppose I should start contributing to society. Teaching grade 3 is SO FUN! I love it. They understand almost everything I say, think I'm amazing and are super cute. One of the funniest things I've heard so far came from my smartest kid:

Kiki: Teacher, do you have a girlfriend?

Teacher Bert: No, I don't have a girlfriend.

Kiki: (starts giggling) Teacher, you have a....Woman friend? (then starts laughing)

Teacher Bert: Ahhhhhhh (not sure how to react or what she might be implying)

Very fun and very cute. K one more story. So, I'm awful at drawing and for some reason drew a fairly basic picture on the board, not very beautiful. Asked the class, “Who thinks my picture is beautiful?” 2 kids sort of put up their hands, BOOOM! Give them both stars for being nice to me. Next day, teaching them the word portrait, do an awful example on the board, ask the class again, “Who thinks Teacher's portrait is beautiful?” turn around and everyone has their hand up. Such a smart and hilarious class. Oh, and bring in KFC on their birthday, have had 4 or 5 in the last 8 days, so great. Anyway, that's kinda what's up, will post after this weekend about HK, enjoy the summer and don't forget to message me nice compliments, I like those!

I looked for a fun quote that normally goes here, but couldn't find one. I am truly sorry.
Bert Brandon III

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