Thursday, June 16, 2016

Seven days till Canada

A week from now, I will be on my way to Amsterdam for a 13 hour layover, then a little place people like to call home. It’s almost a wrap so instead of finishing my last grade of report cards, this is taking precedent. Funny enough, I just watched a TED talk about procrastination that spoke to me. This would be a better use of your time rather than reading what I think I need to say:

I’ve been asked what my plan is once I come home. Excellent question. I have a small handful of goals which I will share here:
1-My cousin Pat and MJ’s wedding. They aren’t both my cousins so it’s legit. They get married next Saturday and I arrive in Toronto next Friday so I’m extremely grateful to be getting to go to their wedding. I normally miss milestone events like this so the fact that I could swing it, brings me joy. Getting to see a big portion of that side of my family is another high selling point because once I’m semi settled in Toronto, my desire to travel back to Ottawa will be minimal.
2-See my family and friends as much as I can. I’m definitely ready to come home. I love travel just as much as the next person but I would be OK with toning it down this next year. Exploring new places is something I love but I also love my family and getting to do everyday things with them like Sky Zone dates, walks to get ice cream and anything niece or nephew related.

3-I’d like to try to start my own business and take a short break from teaching. I’m going to chill for the first two weeks then as usual, things will fall into place for me. Let’s pretend on the off chance things don’t work out, it will all end out working in my favour anyway. It always does but usually entails a few bumps in the road, last minute deadline application, being rushed in some manner or another then success. I’m prepared for that. So I will be a bit of a nomad so if you want some serious Bert time, I’m down to spend a few nights on your couch and make you instantly regret your decision. Be warned that I told my cousin after graduating university that I was only going to be there 2-3 months and I left 3 years later.
4-Find a wife? If you know of anyone that would like a semi-vagabond as a husband, will genetically bless their future children with one of a kind eyelashes and down to give weekly massages, send them over.

Poland is what's up and if I wasn’t anticipating coming home so much, I would probably miss it. One year has been enough but I will definitely miss biking through my forest, my roommates and being able to explore any European country I want (except Russia because they make Canadians get a visa; Ukraine is more my style anyway). I’d rate my teaching experience as a challenge, learning experience and exhausting. 
I visited Rome a few weeks ago and I’d like to think I will write a post about it, if not, believe the hype. Favourite country in Europe and there’s a reason people have real obsessions over it.
I’ve just about past my allotted time period for this post before finding a different activity in my house that distracts me from my actual priority. To sum up: I’m coming home. I’m excited. I’m open to any and all suggestions. Wife would be a bonus. Bert out.

Confidence Quote 15

“You can’t fall if you don’t climb. But there’s no joy of living your whole life on the ground.” Unknown