Saturday, May 27, 2017

Shanghai update

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6 years! Oh brother. That’s a lot of lunches. To anyone who has read each post I’ve written I would say you certainly could have found a more productive use of your time but I thank you for your loyalty. What’s the next 6 years look like? What does this year look like? Let’s dive in.

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Shanghai and my suburb of Fengxian is growing on me. The city has lots of funky neighbourhoods with fun places to eat and drink water. The weather has improved, I’m not the worst player on the lacrosse team, a few people know my name and don’t call me names to my face so I’d say things are looking up. I’m in more of a groove at school and am not spending so much time there late at night which has helped my mental health. I’ve also been getting a bit more into meditating using Headspace. Headspace is essentially guided mediation which helps with relaxation and focus. I just keep hearing how successful people meditate and I felt like it couldn't hurt. The first 10 days are free so if you could use some Headspace, give it a shot.

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I also started biking to school which was of my main loves from living in Warsaw so it’s nice to feel the freedom having a bike offers. Days keep ticking away till my summer return to Toronto that I am eagerly anticipating. I’ve made a list of things I want to get done that obviously includes Toronto Island, Jays games and Wonderland. Canada is 100% the best and whoever tells you differently isn’t someone you should be associating yourself with.

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I’ve decided to come back to my school next year because high school is kinda fun and I think it’s making me smarter. I’m re-learning a few things and reading novels with my kids. Getting paid to learn isn’t a terrible way to live your life.I just crushed Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne and loved it. If you like fiction and adventure, it's a can't miss.

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In terms of what the next 6 years hold, Japan like always is still at the top of the list and would like to find a way to make that a reality in the upcoming few years. I would like the next 6 years to be filled with stories, travel and spending time with people I love. This post is mainly due to my lack of writing this last month, to let you know my heart is still beating and I will be in my motherland soon. I wrote a bucklist post a few years ago and I feel like it’s time to review it, see what I’ve done and what I can get accomplished in the following months. I also turned 31 last week. 31! I went to Hong Kong the weekend before and it’s a top notch city. Got to see some old Nakhon crew and was good for my heart. Life is good everyone and everything is going to be just fine. Will crank out another 1-2 posts before summer really gets going.

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"Salary is the bribe they give you to forget your dreams."