Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Parade!

Nothing unusual about this. Just your normal, run of the mill, Tuesday parade. Welcome. To. Thailand.

Texting. Oooold Lady Debbie would not approve of this.

I found this guy pretty suspicious

This obviously made the cut

Rioting. Thai style.
I found this very fun. I have seen a few smaller ones but this was by far the biggest.

Sidenote: When I got back to Nahkon on Sunday night, I came to the school, didn't have my key so wandered around and tried to use the bathroom, took a taxi bike home. What I didn't know what there just before I got there someone had stole another teacher's bike ( Teacher Bliss). And I found out today they were trying to steal mine and would have ended up with it if I hadn't come back to the school at that exact time. So crazy and bold of them to try during the day. So glad mine didn't get stolen but not good that Bliss's bike got stolen. Just a timbit of information for the blog I'm behind about, we got robbed on that trip too but they didn't take any of my stuff that time either. Hmm.

Right now at a barber shop, just dropped off my laundry, about to get a shave, buy some prawns and paint for my prawn lesson tomorrow, very exciting.

So they parade ends at the stadium where they all get together and perform. So a bunch of people sell stuff and they have things for kids. Kids and 25 year old guys from Canada
Have a fun Tuesday.

Bertram Leonard Brandon the Third

Monday, August 22, 2011

Enjoys his life

Howwww romantic


I’m one blog behind so I will post from the weekend that just passed, let the anticipation rise a little bit then BAM second post later this week. I really haven’t been keeping up to date so from here for a few weeks I be posting more, even if they are less fun. More open and honest blogging, just like my personality. I’m an open book.

Left school on Friday, went to Khanom. About an hour bus ride away, or in beer terms, 2 beer and a podcast. They let (side note: I’m writing this while my “kids” are suppose to be swimming but 4 stayed behind, so give them Play-Do and tell them to make the letter J or the letter H and say big or small. So now every 18 seconds I hear “teacher” and they hold up there letter, was very cute but seriously cutting into my concentration. Onwards, as Rob would say) people drink anywhere here and I’m a fan of just casually having a beer or two. I like it. So the Friday night stayed at this place (insert picture)
(I wish. Rival blogger and sidekick stayed here, got to use the shower and all I can say is money does by happiness. Love showering.) I stayed here.

Untrue. Rival blogger stayed there Saturday night, I stayed here Friday night. Intended to sleep alone and go to bed early BUT a sneaky British chap named Nick from Nick & Nat smooth talked himself into my room. His bill is in the mail. Just a few of us at the start of the night and was really thinking about retreating to my room that has a blanket, don’t have one of those at home, but decided to be social and more people came and ended up going swimming. This is where things took a turn for greatness. I have never heard of this and have never experienced this but some of you probably have. I had never heard of phosphorescence.

Definition: phos·pho·res·cence
   [fos-fuh-res-uhns]  Show IPAnoun1.the property of being luminous at temperatures below incandescence, as from slow oxidation in the case of phosphorus or after exposure to light or other radiation
2.a luminous appearance resulting from this.
3.any luminous radiation emitted from a substance after the removal of the exciting agent.

Basically, when you go deeper into the water and you move your hand or leg, it glows. The more you move, the more little, tiny white/bluish spots you can see. People say it sort of like what you would see in Twilight when Edward is in the sun. Not that I would know anything about that. So that was extraordinary.

Next day, had a lovely little Thai breakfast with Nick from Nick & Nat. It was Thai food, friend chicken and rice. So great. Then went back to my room, wrote the now infamous “Prawn Song’. Teaching my kids about prawns this week and need a song so made up a song and started singing it to people. Sang it for group one, then was about to sing it to group two when Claire says “Is this the prawn song?’ Nobody forgets my singing, obviously inherited the skills of my Grammy nominated mother who has yet to win one but as we all know, Grammies are all politics.
Mother above. And very cute niece who I'm told resembles me when I was young. Bright future right there. Great, now I'm going to have to add the other ones.

Mikey’s birthday party Saturday night so we had partied on the beach, went back into the Twilight water, played a game that I have no idea what it is called. Just in teams of two, keep track of scoring like in tennis, just throw a Frisbee at the other team, if they catch it they whip it back at you, if you miss and should have been able to catch it, 15-Love and goes till however many games. Very exciting and it was dark so made it a little harder and more dangerous.

 Oh and played beach volleyball during the way which was some good exercise and a great battle took place. Saturday night played a game where I’d ask a question and people would answer then other people started asking questions. Love that game. I really love asking questions then praising people if their question is great. And maybe sometimes I might voice my opinion if I don’t like your question or answer, but mainly positive. Best questions were Best piece of advice you would give the world if you died tomorrow? Who do you admire? And person you most like in Nakhon but would like to get to know better.

Sunday saw PINK DOLPHINS. Didn’t even know this existed and would like to see them closer up. I imagine they look exactly like this

 Van ride home, almost didn’t make it. Took 2 motorbike taxis and had to eat my spaghetti in 3 different places but we ended up making it. Overall great weekend. Perfect weather, fun people and very laid back location. That is all for now, have yourselves a fun Monday morning and will post sometime this week.

P.S. Did you know that all polar bears are left handed and that ants never sleep? 

New section of Bert's blog: Someone I currently miss right now. Not in a sad way but just a general miss.
Right, right now. I miss my mom. The other day Kait from Stew & Kait brought in the book Love You Forever and I read it to my class and really reminded me of my mom. Especially the parts of her creeping in and watching me sleep, she's obsessed with me. I'm a terrific son. Anyway. I like my mom a lot and glad she is coming in October and love how nice she is to me and how supportive she is and how much she loves just being around me. I think everyone should have someone in their corner no matter what, they are behind you good or bad, and I think I have more than one but my mom is great and I miss her.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

It would appear I haven't made a posting in a few weeks so let's do this.

I now have a house and am in the process of moving today and tomorrow.
I bought a bike. Well they call them bikes here, more scooteresk back in Tim Horton's country. By the way I am going to miss apple cider an unhealthy amount this winter and snowboarding. This last week has been fun, now that I have a bike, way easier to get around town. Played basketball at a really nice International School in town. Tuesday we played ultimate frisbee. On Thursday me and some people went to the driving range. I have evidence of this fact:
Went a good 270 yards

Friday, went to a restaurant called Pizza Man. Had pizza! Then went to a new bar for a drink. Saturday, slept in, got a massage. Second time that when I get one either the person next to me is talking on their phone or last time the lady massaging me answered her phone during. Interesting. And highly professional. Then went to a sort of food festival/souvenir shop. THEN, I was with someone who has a rival blog to mine and I carry my helmet with me because well I love it and I put my key in my helmet. It was raining so just waiting for the rain to let up, put my helmet back on and rival blogger said was that your key that just fell?  Not only did it fall out of my helmet, it fell into a drain/possible sewer. So before I see it I just assume my key has fallen into a bottomless hole or has been been picked up by a Thai Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtle. Turns out wasn't that big of a drop but with the metal bars, I couldn't get my hands to get it. So people start trying to help and a little girl puts her tiinnny little hands into the "sewar" and picks it up no problem. Was so happy and not surprising in the least that that happened to me.
Don't forget: eating sharks is bad.
4 day week and 3 day weekend coming up so that's great. Started talking to people about top 5 things they like about living in Nakhon/Thailand. Here is mine:
1-Getting a weekly shave by a Thai barber. I think it costs 40 baht, so just over $1 Canadian. At home, they cost around $30 and I never had one. Now, I have stopped shaving and because I don't have a grizzly bear beard I can get away with shaving once a week. Love it.
2-Location/climate. Southern Thailand is the place to live. No winter, just a season with some rain drops and close to other islands and the other coast.
3-Teaching. My kids are very fun and cute and like going to work.
4-How we live in such a Thai town but there are so many teachers that you feel at home and so much stuff going on that you aren't bored and so many activities to develop your skills. Girls only like guys with great skills.
5-Unsure if I should post this on the interweb but honestly I like the attention of being the white minority in a town full of Thais. I like going into a mall and people saing Hi to me and asking me where I'm from, having groups of girls stare at me. I don't think I would date a Thai girl, nothing wrong with it at all, very good looking,  but even a western pesrson like say C. Boudreau, no that's too obvious, Chad. B would be able to get a girlfriend here. I like it.

A few things.
People asked me who hates Mother Teresa and I didn't have this "evidence" before but i knew it existed so I don't agree with this but people love to hate anyone.

I follow a blog and his is way better, travels more and doesn't work. Makes his money in the stock market I believe so check his out and if you stop reading mine, I understand. After I looked posted this I read his post and it said that he is taking a little break from it to go home. Just browse through it, had some cool vlogs and thoughts post. Or don't.

Finally in the next few days I will be writing a blog that in a perfect world would be how I want things to be in April. So, in April I will post this new blog I will write this week and see how close to reality I can make it. Get it? Good. Have a fun week,

Bert Brandon III

History of Nakhon:
City wall

The city chronicle already mentions a fortification when the town was refounded in 1278. Restorations were recorded at the time of King Ramesuan (14th century), as well as King Narai (1686). The latter one was supported by the French engineer M. de la Mare.
The walls spread 456 m from East to West, and 2238 m North to South, thus enclosing an area of about one square kilometre. The northern wall had only one gate, called Prathu Chai Nua or Prathu Chai Sak, also the southern wall had only one gate. To the east there were three gates, which connected the town with the sea. To the west were five gates. Today only the northern gate still exists, together with a short stretch of the northern city wall.

It is one of the most ancient cities of Thailand, previously Kingdom of Ligor, and contains many buildings and ruins of historical significance