Thursday, September 8, 2016

Definitive over and underrated list

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I like to ask people questions. This summer I have elevated my question asking to Michael Jordan level heights. I made an initial list then did a bit of research into what other people think is over and underrated. Don’t feel free to disagree.  This list is accurate for everyone on planet Earth.  

Not having plans:
Give it a try. Frees up your day to do whatever you like and say yes to opportunities that present themselves.
Record players:
A simpler time. Find a record, put the needle in the groove, switch it sides; it’s nice.
Feels good, good for you. Treat yourself don’t cheat yourself.
Being on time:
We aren’t savages. You said 10am; I’m here. Be on time.
Sorry can you repeat yourself? I wasn’t listening. You don’t need to be thinking about what clever thing you are going to say next. Listen to the words coming from someone else.
Random acts of kindness:
Being nice to a stranger that you will never see ever again. I promise they won’t forget it and it gives them hope for humanity.
Getting into a competition with a complete stranger over a set of Japanese knives? SOLD!

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Picnic blankets/blanket for the beach:
Not having to sit on the sand or grass is a sign of planning and maturity. Why don’t we lay down on this beautiful, massive, comfortable blanket?

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Being anonymous:
Being able to wander around planet Earth and nobody knowing who you are, being able to go about your daily affairs is quite pleasant. I’m sure being famous has its positives but I like blending in…for the most part.

How wise older people are:
Older people know things. Ask an older person something. They will tell you what’s up.
Being upfront and honest:
Knowing that you can trust someone and the words they speak are truthful is what friendship is. People like knowing where they stand with you and appreciate honesty when delivered respectfully.

Something I lack. Having the discipline to have a plan, stick to it and execute it. You can’t have too much discipline.
One way tickets:
I’m biased. Lack of discipline.
Have you met a goat before? They are tremendous and we haven’t even brought up goat cheese yet.

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Harry Potter:
Ukraine and Poland:
My people. 
Shhhhhhh. Go somewhere quiet; it’s much nicer there.
I could write an entire post about lists. You want to be more productive and get things done? Make a list. It’s that simple.

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Being helpful:
How can I help? People aren’t asking you for your kidney, just help the lady with her bags.
They are free learning centres! And they should be a quiet place! WHAT A WORLD WE LIVE IN!
Another possible post. Basically, we have too much stuff and we could live with 95% less things. Watch this:
Being smart:
Knowing things comes in handy daily.
Giving compliments:
Compliments should not be kept on the inside. You think he has nice eyes? Tell him. You like her nails? She is waiting for you to notice!
Following the rules:
Who doesn’t like parking for 2 hours in a 1 hour parking spot? Break a rule today. I dare you.
A random person smiling at you:
Smiling is contagious. Disarms you
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The reason you disagree with this is the exact reason why it’s overrated. You ever been around wacko people who love coffee and the house runs out in the morning? Everyone needs to take a few steps back and ease off the addiction.
Being like everyone else
I understand that people need careers, money and status but there is a growing number of people who are successful but don’t follow the traditional path.
Live bands when you’re going out on a Friday or Saturday night:
Acoustic music whilst eating tacos on a Tuesday is acceptable.
I don’t want to hear your live band play “Don’t Stop Believin'” or “Wonderwall”. Exit stage right.

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Food trucks:
Food from a truck; get over it you big hipster you. Except Arvid’s food truck. That’s underrated.
Singer Pink:
How is she still around and now trying to ruin my main man Kenny Chesney’s career with her terrible, unique voice. She probably loves drinking Starbucks whilst searching for the perfect food truck.

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It is nice but women go crazy for layers and scarves.

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The Beatles:
I don’t get it.
People who are good looking have an insanely easier and more privileged life.
Does this need a sentence justifying it being overrated?
Oh boy. The internet and possibly the world would be a better place to live without cats.
This is a sensitive topic for some but I feel that the negatives greatly outweigh the positives.
New Zealand:
I feel like I’ve mentioned this before….
Drinking has to be overrated. It’s expensive, makes you feel terrible and I have a feeling it affects decision making. It has its time and place but as a general rule, we could all drink a bit more apple juice and listen to our grandparents talk about how they met.
New Year’s Eve:
Have you gone out for New Year’s Eve? I used to feel more strongly about this one but my past 5 have been pretty above average. As a standard rule, I think staying in with a bunch of close friends is the optimal way to ring in the new year.
Settlers of Catan:
It’s a solid game but people have gotten way too carried away.

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Feel free to add your own to the list but be aware that this list is accurate and error free. I hope you all relish in the upcoming fall season.

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” 
Earl Nightingale