Thursday, July 13, 2017

Let me name your baby!

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For a variety of reasons lately I have been researching baby names. I’m not married so obviously I’m not having a kid so let’s just get that out there now. However I have been tasked with researching and finding hip and eccentric names for future children. What a journey it has been! I don’t know where to start so I will go with the most intriguing part of my research first.

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I have heard of this phenomenon before but never actually processed it as truth. From looking into baby names and asking other human beings on planet Earth their opinion, it has come to my attention that a majority of ladies have been pondering this question for some time now and have a short list of names they love. These ladies also guard these names as a mother bear does her cubs. The fact that I am Bertram Leonard Brandon the third and have been requested to name my kid the 4th, I haven’t agonized over what to name my kid. The only part I’ve debated is when to tell my future wife our kid needs to be named Bert. I’m thinking after we get married is when I give her the news.

Now when searching for creative names, you can go in a variety of different styles. You can research constellations, Greek mythology, minerals, pick a century and research popular names by era, fruit, number, celebrity choices, cities and countless others. I may or may not have looked at every French inspired name for my ambitious research. I have compiled a short list of names for your reading pleasure. Don’t judge too quickly. Let the name marinate a little while in your brain before coming to any hard conclusions.

Boy names:

It means bald but don’t let that get you down. It’s a solid name and we both know it.

Love this name however not sure it works for my already Sesame Street centric name.

Oliver sounds like a studious young chap who would be more than happy to tutor your son or daughter free of charge.

Benedict Cumberbatch. Benedict Cumberbatch.

I like it ok?


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Great name. Classic. I know you don’t like it but keep your comments to yourself.

If you don’t like this name, I kindly ask you to leave immediately.

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Girl names:

It’s a city but also works for a future writer, entrepreneur or architect.

A little edgy but with the right family could work.

This one is a crowd pleasure let me tell you. I also had a student named Maia and she was just terrific.

I’ve received some hate on this one but not backing down.

Enough with the criticisms alright? Just think it over.

Means “little ruler” and also name of one of the daughter’s in King Lear

Love cities as names and love Austin

My niece is named Madeleine and I’ve got no beef with her.

Another fan favourite and old student of mine.

This one is rising in my books.

Which one is my top pick? YOU THINK I’D SHARE THAT SECRET?!  It’s not on this list but it’s a good one though but need to keep it under wraps. I’ve never met someone with this name and it works for a boy or a girl but I’m leaning girl. If you have any interesting baby names you would like to share, let me know.

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"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability." 

Sam Keen