Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Parade!

Nothing unusual about this. Just your normal, run of the mill, Tuesday parade. Welcome. To. Thailand.

Texting. Oooold Lady Debbie would not approve of this.

I found this guy pretty suspicious

This obviously made the cut

Rioting. Thai style.
I found this very fun. I have seen a few smaller ones but this was by far the biggest.

Sidenote: When I got back to Nahkon on Sunday night, I came to the school, didn't have my key so wandered around and tried to use the bathroom, took a taxi bike home. What I didn't know what there just before I got there someone had stole another teacher's bike ( Teacher Bliss). And I found out today they were trying to steal mine and would have ended up with it if I hadn't come back to the school at that exact time. So crazy and bold of them to try during the day. So glad mine didn't get stolen but not good that Bliss's bike got stolen. Just a timbit of information for the blog I'm behind about, we got robbed on that trip too but they didn't take any of my stuff that time either. Hmm.

Right now at a barber shop, just dropped off my laundry, about to get a shave, buy some prawns and paint for my prawn lesson tomorrow, very exciting.

So they parade ends at the stadium where they all get together and perform. So a bunch of people sell stuff and they have things for kids. Kids and 25 year old guys from Canada
Have a fun Tuesday.

Bertram Leonard Brandon the Third

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