Thursday, March 8, 2012

Johnny Langer

It is currently raining. I can't remember the last time it rained.

This is what has been happening:
Had our end of term show on Tuesday. Parents came in to watch the kids sing songs, answer questions and eat pancakes with maple syrup. They now have the rest of March, April and don't come back to school until May 10th. Some students have summer camp in April which I will be at. I was not happy to say goodbye to my kids. If someone said "I will give you a thousand baht to cry right now" I for sure could have. 
I see my kids so much and have watched them go from  very little English to at least understanding most things and be able to respond back. Knowing that I can come back and visit them when they are in K3 makes me feel a little better but definitely a sad day. I feel that the feeling might not be mutual because when I say "Will you guys be sad when you go to K3 and Teacher Bert is not your teacher" and they respond by saying "happy" makes me think they might not miss me that much. Here is a picture or two from that day and a few very cute kids I like to play with in K1 in the afternoon before going home:

We went caving the other day. So, I'm mildly claustrophobic and being deep inside a cave where if you turned off your headlight, you cannot see your hand in front of your face, was a bit of a challenge for me. You walk down like 25ish stairs, hop down some rocks, get into chest high waters, then walk for a bit in and out of water, sound of running water everywhere. We saw a snake, a spider? and definitely some bats:

It was really fun and glad I did it but is somewhat dangerous and you need to bring a few people, a dry bag, some water and possibly and IPad. Oh, if you ever wanted to torture someone, put them in this cave all alone, no chance they get out. On second thought, don't put anyone in that cave, that's just mean.

The other weekend, we went to the Krung Ching waterfall, about an hour outside of our city. Second biggest waterfall in Thailand. Went up Saturday morning, stayed at this campish sort of thing, had 2 big rooms that we all stayed in. Hiked to the waterfall, 4 kms, to this:
So you can swim through the waterfall and hang out between the rocks and water. I would not have done this solo but everyone else did it survived so I thought I would think it was fun. It was intense. Once you swim under this massive amount of water falling from the sky, you get into the spot in between and it is super loud, water getting into your eyes and mildly claustrophobic again. So instead of going back the same way I came in, I went for the fastest way out that in hindsight might have been more dangerous because the water pushes you down stream towards some rocks. Didn't get hurt, glad I did it but you really need to be careful around strong currents and glad I was forced to learn how to swim as a very cute toddler. 

Had a campfire after, stayed up till 2, woke up at 5 to go here:

Also had dinner with Pooh-Pooh, Pee-Pee and Zear. And their family. So cute:

Has been a solid few weeks, now just cleaning up my class, getting ready for a few weeks off, summer camp then home April 28th. Inquire within about having fun with Teacher Bert. Make your Thursday sexy, enjoy your weekend!

Oh and last weekish I bought a new external hard drive, they are SO fun. We had a hard drive exchange party where everyone swapped what they had, music, movies and TV shows. I didn't really contribute, only took, sort of like my life, but was a great time. People everywhere should be having these types of parties, getting different things to watch is very addicting and somewhat social. Also, had a great dating idea. People should be able to look through like 5 or 10 different hard drives and pick one they like the most, and go on a date with that person. I think looking at someones hard drive can tell a lot about that person. These are the things I have been thinking about lately. Good day. 

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