Monday, April 30, 2012

Top 7 list

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I've been reading a bunch of top 10 or top 17 lists lately and thought I would give it a shot.

Top 7 things I like about being back:
1-Not working and just hanging out.
2-Being around people you have a history with and love you.
3-Telling random people that I live in Thailand.
4-Street meat.
5-Sleeping in.
6-English movie theaters with massive red Fruitopia. 
7-Everything being much more convenient here.

Top 7  I don't like about being back:
1-Why is everything so expensive? My bhat is useless.
2-Weather in Thailand has spoiled me.
3-People just love honking and could use a minute or two to just calmer down a bit.
4-Why do homeless guys think its okay to just start talking/yelling at you when you're talking to someone else? You lost your house, not your manners sir.
5-Need to bring your ID everywhere with you. I'm almost 26, please let me into your bar so I can waste more of my precious baht inside.
6-Having to shave my own face and wash my hair like a chump.
7-That somehow my brother beat me at basketball after not playing this whole year. I play once a week in Thailand. Going to have to sit on that lost for a year or two.

I was going to try and write a sentimental post about my feelings about being back but I'm not completely sure what I feel. Sort of feels like I never left but also feels like I have another amazing life to go back to in a country that is very, very far away. Being home is good but going back to being a teacher makes me happy. Read a good post about a guy who has been traveling for years about his thoughts on coming home.
Enjoy your Tuesday everyone! 
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