Thursday, November 29, 2012

Loy Kratong!

Another Loy Kratong is in the books. Loy Kratong is an immensely popular holiday here where people make Kratongs, light them and put them into a river while wishing for good health, friends and happiness. It is very fun, students make them in class, to varying degrees of success. People also light and set off lanterns into the sky that would make almost anyone fall in love with Thailand instantly.

                                 The main reason for this post is when my friend said I should make a wish. I love wishes, specifically fountains that I can throw small change into. I think it is very romantic and optimistic about things to come. My favorites tend to be casino fountains. I can remember being in Ottawa and wishing for a girlfriend, a better job or any slight improvement to my average life. Before setting my beautiful Kratong alight that I may have received a mild bit of help with by my patient Thai teacher and one of my very bright students, I thought about what I wanted to wish for.
My wish: I don't want a single thing. 

I want my life to continue going exactly the way it is without any interference from  anything or anyone. Do I have everything I want? No. Do I have everything I need. Certainly. I'm also writing this with the prospect of a three day long weekend on Haad Yuan with some of my best friends, a no work Wednesday and a 12 day trip in Bali coming up with the legendary Kait, Jake and Emma so I might be in higher than usual spirits but as my Mother Goose would say: All is well. Here are some pictures from our schools beauty pageant on Wednesday. 

Thanks for staying tuned with my life. 
Stay safe, mildly sober and extraordinarily happy. 

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