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Going on a trip? Bring these

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Since the last post was a bit on the sad side, I thought it would be a good idea to have this post a little more upbeat! I will try to keep this short and sweet. If you are about to or thinking about a little adventure for yourself, I’ve compiled an incomprehensive list of items you might want to investigate further. Obviously, nobody has paid me any money to talk about things I’ve used or want to use whilst travelling. Nobody is paying Bert for his mom and two friends to read his blog. Let’s get started.

Things I’ve had/have or similar.

Forge 75 Backpack Eclipse/Lava

I don’t have this bag specifically but you can get a solid bag for under $200. The bigger your bag, the more stuff you’re going to bring. The old adage “Bring half the stuff and twice the money” is more than accurate. 

This mesh bag might be my favourite purchase because it was so cheap and comes in handy weekly even at home. Mine is orange though so it adds a certain pizzazz. Keeps your dirty laundry away from your clean and it some countries you can just drop the bag off and pick it up a few days later. Why not buy two since you’ll be down a bag as your clothes are getting cleaned!

Organic Cotton Sleeping Bag Liner Rectangular White

This might be my second favourite. Comes especially in handy if you are staying in hostels; much more sanitary and gives you piece of mind. Basically the liner of a sleeping bag that sort of acts like a cocoon. I lost mine pretty early into my travels but would certainly recommend and buy another one.

Cosmo Headlamp Plum

Comes in handy on hikes or dark hostels. Frees up your hands whilst carrying items. Not expensive and
makes you look prepared. “Oh is it dark miss? Let me show you the way. Oh I like to stay prepared!”

Conspiracy Razor Outdry Trail Shoe Black/Heatwave
Another great item that was taken outside a hostel in Malaysia. Don’t leave these gems outside people. Great for hiking and going sockless if that’s the life you’ve chosen.

Nothing sexy about extra battery chargers for your phones but I promise you will need it.

Since we are on the charger topic, you will also need an adapter and you don’t need to spend a fortune on it.

You won’t want to lug around your big pack all day through X city so throw this daypack on and get out there missy!!!

High Jinx 24 Daypack Black/Asphalt

This might not seem necessary but one night everyone will be around a campfire or hanging out on a beach and you will want some beats. I also use it for shower music and podcasts to entertain me while I clean my room.

This might not seem necessary but one night everyone will be around a campfire or hanging out on a beach and you will want some beats. I also use it for shower music and podcasts to entertain me while I clean my room.


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I suppose you think this is where I talk about not playing with frisbee on a roof in Thailand? Well I'm not going to say it.  

Ultralite Towel River

This one I was advised against by my brother and since I’ve lost both of the ones I’ve bought, you could probably skip it but one day you will wish you had it.

Classic Stainless Steel Bottle 1.18L Shale Black

This will be a lifesaver more than once. I’ve broken a few and learned that it’s best to shell out the money for a good water bottle.

Raptor Dry Bag Poseidon

You’re going to get wet. Do you want your stuff getting wet? If not, get these.

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The sun will kill you. Protect your eyes and your skin. If you want to get fancy, try the spray on sunscreen; it's a delight. 

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Money clips are more convenient than wallets at times.

You want people knowing you’re from Canada and it’s nice to have a warm sweater. Also an item I don’t have any more but working on finding a replacement. This or a nice Jays hat or toque.
Canadian Flag 3 x 6

It’s a classic thing most Canadians and some American do. Do what your heart tells you.

Things I’d buy if I had more money:

Fenix 3 GPS Watch Silver/Red

I’m purposely not buying myself a watch because I think that it’s a classic girlfriend gift to give. I’m going to be watch-less for a while here team.
Pro Guide Board Shorts Black

My swimming costume is not very fancy. A good pair is always well received.

Squamish CIS Jacket Evening Blue

Sometimes it rains. Put on a rain jacket. Problem solved. I also recommend a solid umbrella.

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If you are looking to buy a Christmas present for a man this year, go with this. They also have comfy close if you are a man looking to buy things for a lady. No kissing!!!

I have a standard camera and it suits me just fine but a waterproof camera gives you more options if you are somewhere a bit more tropical or ocean focused.
Retractasafe 100 Cable Lock Smoke

Can’t trust everyone out there. Lock up your things.

Other items that could come in handy is a deck of cards, hand sanitizer, Kindle, wireless headphones, addresses of people you want to send postcards to, and any candy or specific product that you love that you would miss abroad. 

Here are two post from people who know actual stuff about tech gear and more travel accessories.


 “If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

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