Thursday, January 11, 2018


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Welcome to 2018. I was going to write a post to wrap up 2017 but boy was I swamped being on holiday in Hong Kong. Just. couldn’t. find. the. time. 
So let’s briefly look back then full steam ahead!

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2017. Started with high hopes in Colombia, ended three weeks later broke, jobless and not feeling the 2017 vibes. Considered moving home and trying to make something happen. Fast forward 5 days. 
Living in Shanghai.
Teach high school for the first time.
Attempt to play lacrosse.
Hong Kong.
Money with envelopes and dreams of saving money.
Toronto for the summer.
That Mill Street Life.
Nieces and nephews.
Montreal Ottawa.
Back to Shanghai.
More lacrosse.  
Own quaint little apartment in Shanghai.
Dressed up as Santa for school. No big deal.
Ended the year strong, to say the least with Mikey, Jake, Emma and new baby Miles.

WHAT UP 2018?

I’ve made a few resolutions if you can imagine.
1-meditate every day
2-15 minutes of French every day
3-Each month has a theme. This month’s theme is Buddhism. 15 minutes each day.
4-Learn to make one new meal a week. Post all four end of each month to Instagram.
5-Make money in the summer without having to leave my house.
6-Debt free.
7-Drink one water bottle’s worth of water each day. My bottle is obnoxiously big.
How are they going so far? I would give myself a failing grade for week one but I’ve learned from those mistakes and 51 more chances to redeem myself. Just had a 10-day break which was A1 now I’m back to work for a good 3 weeks until I get the entire month off for Bert time. I’m quite pleased. Cambodia with my mom? Yes, please. Thailand? Sure, why not! Toronto for the summer with a possible pit stop in New Orleans to see friends and peruse their local libraries. I have a good feeling about 2018. I was born on the 18th so I think this needs to be my lucky year. Strong signs pointing in that direction. Even years beat odds years and while 2017 was solid, it was just laying the groundwork for 2018 as long as cooler heads prevail, 2018 will be remarkable.

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Not sure what else I have going on on my end. On season 3 of Breaking Bad. Cowboys are terrible and my fantasy football team broke my heart right on cue. Speaking of a cue, I’m terrible at playing pool and darts. I found a sick spot in Hong Kong where you pay for drinks plus beer pong and a lady is the referee and moves all the cups for you. It was a dream I didn’t realize was my dream come true. Hong Kong also stellar in the waterfall department.  Did you know that China only allows a small percentage of movies into the country so big studios put Chinese people in important roles/favourable light to make sure their films are selected?  It’s smart but kinda ruins it knowing that’s the main reason.

I got paid $60 a few months ago to read English newspaper headlines into an iPhone for data collection purposes for a SIRI type voice recognition system. Obviously.

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I hope your 2018 is looking even brighter than mine. If you are looking to be kind to someone today, start with you. It’s corny and blah blah blah but you’re the only one who hears that voice inside your head; make sure you hear kind words.

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“What is coming is better than what is gone”

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