Thursday, September 1, 2011


In case you are unsure, I'm Canadian.

I don't think will be a long post but I want to put more things up so this is my attempt at that. Still a blog behind and a missing great weekend that just passed post but my house doesn't have internet yet and I find it hard to write my (insert opinion about quality of Bert's blog here) if there is any noise. So I'm at home, writing this and will hopefully post in the morning. Just got home from a shave, was starting to take a turn in a negative mood, had something to do with tiredness or hunger, more tiredness I think so getting a Thai shave usually turns things around just like I use to think if anything bad ever happens to me in my life, go to Vegas and it will turn it around. My new place is Bali. Never been, have little information and don't want any. If things don't go the way I plan for something or if something happens that is very negative I will go to Bali. Hopefully, I never have to go to Bali. Have a feeling I just might. I'm verring off track. So, Thai shaves are very cheap. Believe it costs me 40 baht, takes at least 20 min, the guy today was the best barber I've had. I have a place I go everyweek and this is the first time I see this guy. I love having a barber shop, and I have a laundrerer? When I'm older, or I guess now, I want to have my own butcher, accountant, lawyer, and dry cleaner.

Anyway, the guy did a great job, basically shaved my forehead, my years, under my eyes and my (thick) beard. In a better world, I feel that people would get paid for what you thought the service they provided you with was worth. As this guy is doing this, I'm thinking this is worth way more than 40 baht, so I have him 100. Not saying this because I'm bragging about making it rain at a barber shop, I just think that if someone does something much greater than they charge, if you can spare the 50, 60 or whatever baht, dollar, pound, yen, then you should. Converselly, I feel that if you received service that was beyond what the price is, you should be able to pay less. I think most people wouldn't take advantage of that, some people would (D. Dupuis) I think people would try harder.

 I read this article about a island being built free from laws and other codes of conduct. Wonder if they have considered this. So next time someone surpasses your high/low expectations (btw...I like to keep mine low and set other people's low too, under promise, over deliver, works every time) at the very least tell them that you think they are great or did something really well. I've thought about this and told a few people this before that if you think of a compliment when you first see someone or are thinking about them, say it. Is it not for the greater good to tell someone you like their shoes, they you really like their pasta or you think they are vey insightful? Do it and let me know what you think. What I think is that you're great for reading my blog, keeping up to date with my life, making sure I'm still alive and telling me how much you enjoy following it.

Thank you.

Teacher Bert

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