Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I have been lacking on my low quality level posts so thought I would let everyone know I am still alive with another mediocre showing. Nakhon is currently in a drought, hasn't rained in 3ish weeks I'd say. It is.....very hot here. Coincidentally, the last few weeks in Science I have been (trying) to teach my students about saving water and keeping water clean. Very topical. So test time came along and I asked them to list 3 ways to keep water clean. Pond's answer? "Don't kill people in the water." I don't even know what to write next to that. I'm going to say that's right but maybe talk to him about it in class. In class, "Guys, don't write kill people in the water, don't kill people anywhere" Pond lifts up his hand. Pond: "Teacher, don't kill people in the water because the blood will get into the water" You're right Pond. Remind me not to go out to dinner with you and your family. 
The last few weekends have been very laid back. Two weekends ago was a four day long weekend so I went to Koh Phangan, went to a Full Moon party, came back tattoo less and without any knee injuries. Rented a bike and drove around the island, got lost more than once. Heard a lot about Bottle Beach so spent one of my days there. Am super spoiled with beaches now. I liked it but expectations might have been a bit high. 

This past long weekend stayed in town, went to a new waterfall, hung out at a train station, slept, nothing out of the usual. Fooooootball is starting soon so started watching pre-season games and getting ready for some Fantasy Football. 
Now for my main reason for this post. Will try and make it quick. Have you checked out Rich Kids Of Instagram? Wow. Instagram is a website where people post pictures and can write little captions. All these are pictures of super elite kids acting like they had something to do with how wealthy they are. I'm not even jealous. I mean, I'm all about being elite, but for some reason it doesn't make me envious of their life. I bet it is amazing but how amazing is it that you have to take pictures to show off, if it was that great I'd be too busy being awesome and buying countries. Here is the link but here are some of my favorites. http://richkidsofinstagram.tumblr.com/
Bye everyone. #yachtwaterslide by alanafdez #yatch 
Bye everyone. #yachtwaterslide. 
Private driving range to the ocean. #private #drivingrange #Humletown by nicolineroth

#tbt doin backflips and shit by andrew_reid36

Paradise pool 🏊 #rkoi #moola #fabulous #infinitypool #heaven #stbarths #luxurylife @kittykattess by lylajoy 

#Versace gold plated AK47 $9,000 by tomierna 
Versace Gold plated AK47 $9, 000
People obviously have problems with teens showing off this much especially when so many people don't have jobs but I find it an interesting window into other people's lives. If I was ballin' like that I would probably do the same. However, if I were the parents of these kids, this would not be happening. Not good for your brand if you are the CEO of a company and your daughter is popping bottles with a bunch of guys on some island. These are my thoughts. I am camera-less so that is why I haven't posted that much, will get a new one soon in time for October adventures. Enjoy your week.

Surveying the area. by mardenihl #yachting 
"Stay out of the headlines" Uncle Mike.

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  1. Very nice pictures of you with Victoria and Gabriella. I now expect cute pics of you with MY adorable children. Oh yes, sibling rivalry is alive and well. (Love you, Brigitte!)


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