Sunday, July 22, 2012

Quick thought


Just had a very fun weekend in Khanom, little beach town 2 hours away from Nakhon. Stayed in a pretty nice place for 600 baht between the 3 of us. I normally just tag along with couples, last year with Stu and Kait, now Joey and Jennica have taken over the role of looking after Teacher Bert.

 Short story: We all went out the Friday night with some Thai people I met and there was a typical Thai band playing Thai music with the occasional English song. 

There was also a group of high school kids that I assume the bar let's them stay there without drinking and are asked to leave at 11. These kids were having the TIME OF THEIR LIVES listening and dancing to this band play. These kids were not drunk and weren't trying to pick each other up, weren't acting too cool to dance, just loving every second and singing every word. Me and the other guys just looked at them in awe thinking none of us have ever had that much fun, doing anything..ever. It was great to see kids letting go and just embracing that moment. I consider myself pretty positive and try to look on the bright side most of the time. However, the thought kept coming into my mind that I don't think is good and hopefully not true: 

These kids have no clue that their lives are about to get much more difficult. 

I am hoping I didn't think that because they are Thai and have less travel and work options than Western people. And I'm not looking at it like a cynical old man who has been through a lot. I just think that kids don't think about the struggles ahead of not getting into the school you want, getting fired from a job, not getting the girl/boy you want, how much work goes into everything, losing friends, making and saving money, and other unfortunate things happening to them.
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And I hope these things don't happen and they have a billion things to look forward to. And I hope it was just in that moment I was being negative and all of them go on to have full and enriched lives, I just have my doubts. Then the next day I read about that guy from Colorado shooting up a movie theater and killing 12 people. I get that it is rare and we live in a world where we get tons of bad news and information. Really makes you want to unplug from the world and live in a bubble where nothing bad happens other than missing a mini bus to Samui and having to wait another 30 min. This post isn't very positive is it? Sorry about that.

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