Thursday, January 17, 2013

Life of Cast

Life with my new cast friend is coming to an end tomorrow. Sigh. We've had some good and bad times. Nothing is perfect, other than my stronger and better left wrist! Some perks I've noticed about life with my first and last cast of my life:

1-I've gotten away with not wearing a tie to work for the last six weeks. I love dressing up but business casual has been a decent upside to Roofageddon 2012.

2-Excellent excuse to be lazy. Not playing sports or being anti-social while healthy isn't very good and makes you feel poorly about yourself. Saying no to things because it is in the best interests of your long term health is a great way to spend more time watching football.

3-Solid icebreaker. Oh what happened to your arm? Oh that? No big deal..I was in the jungle and a small child was being attacked by some aggressive monkeys, don't worry, the baby is fine. 

4-People do a bit more for you in terms of bringing you things, getting you food, driving you places. I like it.

5-Actually a good reason to pay someone to wash my hair.

6-Getting good at driving, showering, putting socks on and other tasks with only one hand.

Small downsides:
1-People assume I fell off a bike and can't drive. I'm actually just someone who doesn't understand roofing standards in Phuket.

2-Typing is a bit of a challenge.

3-Not playing sports or being active is by far the worst part of all of this. No diving, no swimming, not a recipe for an incredible time.

It really wasn't very bad. All of the research I did was take it super slow, you might think you are getting better but breaking it again will put you out even longer and might have problems in the future. So I've been super careful and will continue to go super slow in the upcoming weeks.
The biggest thing I got out of this was even if a doctor is saying one thing, saying no and talking to other doctors is a great idea. The doctor in Phuket wanted to put me into a cast right away that went all the way up my arm. Wanted to send it to my brothers friend who is a doctor and who I trust. Also, there is a slight disparity between doctors in Thailand and Canada, will leave it at that. 

I don't know anything about breaks and he was suppose to be a specialist and wanted to put me in a cast right away.  Not waiting for the swelling to go down isn't a great course of action and the cast might not have fit a week later. Anyway, don't let people persuade you into doing things you don't feel comfortable with. Do what you think is right for you. Enjoy your weekend, stay safe and out of the headlines!

"We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with" Jim Rohn

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