Wednesday, August 7, 2013

People are savages

This is a discovery I made while living with my cousin in Ottawa a few years ago.
People are savages.
While it is also true that people do extraordinary things every day, people can be incredibly generous and kind, that just isn't as fun as learning about our savagenaturous lifestyle...

Let's first define savage.
Oxford dictionary defines savage as a member of a people regarded as primitive and uncivilized.
One of my main thoughts (I don't have many) before writing this post was if you put 20 men and women together in the same place for a few hours to a few days from different countries who do not speak the same language, they will soon begin sleeping with each other.
If you put a group of people together for an extended period of time who can speak the same language, they will certainly hook up, fight and create drama. Think MTV's Real World and Big Brother.

If a city is in the Stanley Cup final and ends up losing, rioting will ensue. Savages. 
If you leave people unattended, the amount of savagery could be unprecedented; food fights, debauchery,  etc..
Feral children who have literally been raised by wolves. Savages.
Although I don't blame them for their savageness, just happy they are alive. If you are interested, research feral children, really interesting and sad.
Coliseum gladiator fighting to the death? Savages.
Public hangings? Savages.
Getting caught for intercourse outside? Savages.
Ever been inside a public bathroom? Savages.
Rock stars trashing a hotel room? Savages.
Have you ever seen people eat ribs?

Savages are all around us people. While it might be part of our nature to act this way, let us all try and keep it together. We are trying to live in a society. 

"Laws are made not to be broken. They are made to curb our savagery." 
Toba Beta

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