Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm an idiot

I'm an idiot. I don't say this in a depressing, feeling sorry for myself way. It's just at times I make poor decisions. Falling through a roof, loosing my passport, not having an plan for after university, etc. I'm okay with it. I still feel awesome most of the time. I now make better long term life choices and confident my life is heading in the right direction.

Which leads us to my most recent mini debacle. Working on the mountain and snowboarding are essentially the only two things to do here. Some would add drinking to the list but I'm not into that kind of stuff...Towards the end of the day on Sunday, I got a 20 minute break to go for a ride on an incredibly sunny day. Need to take a t-bar up this one part of the hill.

Small children ride these things effortlessly. My first attempt was a fail. Embarrassing but funny. Second attempt goes better up until about a quarter of the way to go, I bail. Again sort of funny. I begin my walk of shame to the top. Exhausting work, I take a break. To my right there is a slope that leads to the track I need to connect with. I'm a cautious guy and asses how risky going down this somewhat steep ridge is. Not keen on walking the rest of the way up, I decide my riding skills will safely get me down this slope. Strap up, stand up and start to descend.

Quickly realize why there aren't other tracks in this specific spot. Ice. Shortly after getting up, I quickly began sliding down head first with my boots strapped in heading face first into a decent sized rock. Luckily I was wearing the helmet I had just bought and managed to dodge the rock and hit it instead with my hip. I heard a crunch, tumbled maybe twenty more feet down the slope and stopped. That didn't feel great. Was down for a few minutes but slowly got better. My hip and wrist hurt but generally felt okay and glad I missed the rock. Took the chairlift back down. started seeing spots and thought I might pass out. Make it to the bottom, told to clock out and check in with the medical guys to make sure everything is good. Ask me a few questions, doctor looks at my bruises, left wrist is a bit swollen, can move it and doesn't hurt like when I fell through the roof. Take a quick x-ray, fracture point same as the last time but looks way worse than my last x-ray. I did it again. Cast on 4-6 weeks, no snowboarding.

Going to see a specialist tomorrow in Taupo. Apparently my elbow might not be exactly where it needs to be from my last fall so will get that check out. Luckily I am able to continue working in an area that doesn't involve me having to pick anyone up or do heavy lifting. My hope is to be back riding at the start of September. Four weeks will fly by. I am just disappointed in myself for doing this again. I did not learn my lesson and I did not take car like I was told too.

Learning is a gift. Even when pain is your teacher.

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