Monday, September 2, 2013

One-way ticket to...

It's getting to be about that time, time when my days in New Zealand come to an end and start somewhere new (or old..) My initial plan was to stay here for an entire year but after being here a few months, I know that it will be time to move on after the season. New Zealand is super beautiful and most of the things you here about it are true. It's just that I don't love it and I don't want to just find a random job in a random city making minimum wage. I want to make some progress on this whole possible teaching as a career thing and changing countries is fun. So. Where to? Canada? Columbia? Pakistan? Argentina? France? I will give you a second to make an educated guess...

Let's start by saying this won't be an Auckland to x spot. If you know me you might know that I'm a fan of not working so I will try to maximize my estimated three weeks off. As a side-note, Canadians get two weeks off a year and this trip will be 3 weeks and not close to the amount of time off I have had all year. Two weeks isn't nearly enough time off and one reason I am not that keen on going back.
If you need a hint, the next country will be in Asia hence my first stop in Singapore. I met a guy here who lives in Singapore and I really want to explore it with someone from there. I will be spending three nights in Singapore and hopefully getting a good feel for the country. After that, I will be spending 17 days in another Asian country. Hmm, what country is awesome, hot, cheap and that I love? Time go to back to Thailand people! So excited to go back, hit a few new places and go back to my old town. Planning on stopping by my old school, seeing my old students, eating at my favorite places and hanging out with my friends who I genuinely love. This whole trip is sounding pretty great so far...

After those 17 days are up, I will board a plane from Bangkok direct to Hong Kong where I will be spending a undetermined amount of time. Hong Kong might be my new long term home. I have two of my favorite people in the world who live there in Jake and Emma who are letting me stay at their place until I land a job and my own place. I promise to be out by the end of 2013. My other friend from Thailand also just moved there so I will have a good starting point and teaching jobs are aplenty in Hong Kong. No winter, close to the gambling capital of the world, cheap flights around Asia, possible Japan/Kaitlyn trip for 2014 and we have ourselves the next few months covered. I arrive in Hong Kong November 14th and will hopefully be working within the first ten days.

Some people say travel is too expensive so they don't do it. Let me price these trips out and see if it is actually expensive.

Wellington to Singapore: $530 CAN

Singapore to Bangkok: $100 CAN

Bangkok to Hong Kong: $130

My estimates for:

3 nights in Singapore:
Hostel: 3 nights for $60 total
Drinking, eating, transportation, activities: $250 Singapore total: $310-340 ish

Thailand: ( It's going to be so great!)

Diving, drinking, guest houses, transportation,etc. 17 days at about a thousand baht a day plus about 6 more thousand baht brings us to around $600.

Hong Kong:
I am hoping for about a thousand dollars or less until I actually start earning money. I want a job teaching high school because I've never done it and think I would be good at it. I want to tutor university students and maybe a few small kids.

All together we are looking at around $3000 Canadian. Is that a lot? I don't think so but maybe I'm wrong. I hope you keep reading and see my perspective on Hong Kong. Hopefully I won't be able to post on the health care there because 2014 with be hospital free for this guy. Let me know your thoughts on Hong Kong or anything else about my plan.

"LG. Life's Good."

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