Thursday, September 19, 2013

What's the worst that could happen?

Sometimes it's hard to keep our priorities straight. Small things become big things and we tend to lose sight of the most important things. Examples are endless. Let's take a look back at the classic movie Home Alone. Christmas is right around the corner, the house is filled with people and holiday cheer. The family is in a rush to catch a flight, one thing leads to another, and BAM they forget Macaulay Culkin. They lost track of what was important (their child) but were sure they had all of their bags, the house was prepared and other arrangements were made for their trip. I think we lose track of what is important and end up ruining what we value most. 

Let's take a real life example. The mountain I work at has random drug and alcohol testing. If they think you are drunk, they can breathalyze you and they do random drug testing for marijuana and other things. So really, the only way you would essentially get fired is for smoking weed or going to work drunk. You would think being gainfully employed and making money would be near the top of peoples priorities and would take a break from smoking just in case they get caught and lose their job. Think this stops people? Of course not. A guy who worked here still smoked everyday, had no money, no flight out of New Zealand but wanted to keep travelling. What would stop him from doing that? Losing his job. Did it stop him? No. Randomly got drug tested and got fired. I guess I just don't get how getting high can be a higher priority than moving forward with your life.

Another real life example that baffles me is the grandson of the man who created Red Bull never had to worry about money the rest of his life. He is a billionaire and can essentially use the world as his playground. What's the worst that could happen and ruin everything? The list is small. Dying and going to jail are the only real things that could ruin his life. What happened? Ran over a police officer in his Ferrari, possibly while drunk, and the police followed the blood trail to his mansion. That is losing track of what is important and not thinking about the future.

The point I am trying to make is I think that it is important for us to re-evaluate what the most important things in our lives are and make a list of things that could ruin it. Then avoid doing those things. Simple. For example, say you are about to go on a one-way flight to South America with someone you hope to marry. It is imperative you don't mess this up. The only ways you could really ruin this trip is by a) losing your passport b) missing your flight c) cheating on this person, them finding out and breaking up with you. So after thinking this through, you make sure your passport is in a safe place, you set three alarms and you don't cheat on them, ever. Crisis averted. What I hope you take out of this is to think about what is important to you, list the ways you can lose what you value most then avoid doing those things. That is all. Thanks for listening.


Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions. ~Author Unknown$ut5.:aOThIdOg/

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