Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I honestly can't wait to co-own/have a baby
Right, right, right now, I'm in the Chiang Mai airport, charging my moms IPod, hoping she comes back from wherever she says she is. I had my doubts.
Just want to a massive mall, bigger than the Rideau Centre, had so much stuff so I obviously ate at Pizza Hut. Got a massage, walked around this crazy big mall then back to the airport for our 10:45pm flight. Oh and I saw a verrrrry rude t-shirt on a thai young lady. I'm all about having funny t-shirts, some would say somewhat shocking to one that is certainly offensive. This one was by far the worst I've ever seen. I have some younger readers so lets just say the t-shirt said "I hold hands on the first date". NOT WHAT IT SAID.
 Flying is way classier than walking or taking a bus. Woke up this morning, did some interneting, my mom came back with chocolate milk, banana chocolate chip muffin, milk and Frosted Flakes.  Not the worst way to wake up. So. No elephants ate me. Was only on an elephant for a little bit, did not like it all al, very touristy and just didn't seem right. Did a decent trek into the jungle. Scene: (another camera issue has arisen, more stolen pictures)

Kamala Beach. Where we are spending today and tomorrow.

Slept in this village, ate some Thai food that our guides made, stayed up for a bit playing games with a couple from France and our guides. The next day, took a truck down the hill, went to a hot spring: (will post soon)

then did the whole touristy thing. Temple, Golden Triangle, something to do with a scorpion, Opium museum (something I am considering offering under the table at a my future first ever schawarma shop) and another temple.

That night, had supper with my mom then walked around Chiang Rai trying to find an NFL football game but to no avail. Oh and the Cowboys lost, quelle surprise. Played connect four, JJJJJJenga and dominoes at a bar near our guesthouse. Today we took a bus to Chiang Mai then had a few hours to kill before our flight to Phuket. Never been there, biggest island in Thailand and a huge tourist destination. After that, back to the tried and true Nakhon Si Thammarat, get a few things organized then back to shaping the minds of Thailand's future. 3 weeks is long enough of a break and we have a bunch of time off in December. Might go rock climbing at the end of November to give myself something to look forward to. Halloween is soon too, not sure what will take place but hopefully something that involves me going to bed early. That is a somewhat accurate summary of your friend, consultant, zoo keeper, blogger, uncle, teacher and scientist. Enjoy whatever day it is.
Bert Brandon III

I have a lot of free time so I'm trying to think of things that have happened that I have forgotten to write down. If I am repeating myself, go read, stop paying so much attention:
-I parked outside a 7-11 to get something after school, came back and a police officer was giving me a ticket for parking wherever I was parked. I motioned that the bike was mine and he somehow guessed I didn't speak Thai, just sort of looked at me and let me go. Bert 1- Police 0. For now, I have a feeling they might want to even the score.
-I am getting a crazy amount of compliments about my lavishly long eyelashes this trip. People keep asking me if they are real then secretly asking themselves how this lady boy looks so good.
-The longer I'm away the less you miss things like Wendy's and Tim Horton's and Blue Gatorade. BREAKING NEWS: Went into a 7-11 a few weeks ago and BBBBBBBBBAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!: Blue Gatorade. No need to go home anymore.
-I may or may not have Aladdin sheets.

Canadians consumer more macaroni and cheese than any other nation on earth.

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