Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kait...Pay the man

Long Beach.
Right now it is 752pm, I left Koh Phi Phi at 2pm and should get to Bangkok at 6am. It is a bit of a trek. In reality, I should already be in Bangkok but a certain blogger got the ferry time and bus time mixed up and had to stay an extra day here:

I really did feel bad and am very sorry mother. So my mom was alone in the big city today, she survived and will meet up with her after fun bus adventure I am on. On the bright side, I have many hours to write thoughts/comments/jokes so this might get a little long ORRR I will make it into 2 or 3 posts. Let's start at the top:

I like Ao Nang. Dropped me off right at a Burger King, that meal MAY have cost me more than my room. Which means a-BK is expensive b-my room was inexpensive but still nice. Because it is low/rainy season most things there weren't that expensive. 300 baht for a room with "hot" shower, 2 beds, fan and a lock wasn't bad. Might have had Subway twice and McDonald's once. I feel I deserve it because I live in Nakhon and we don't have fun places like that and Subway is healthy. And wonderful. The main reason I ate at McDonald's was because I was watching NFL games streamed online and games start here at 12am so at halftime (2 amish) was one of the 3 places I could get food. Now I've had my fix. We'll see how Bangkok treats me food wise. I would definitely recommend going to Ao Nang if you have a family, are a couple or are single, a lot of places to eat, drink and get massages. Well you can get massages anywhere here. It is Thailand.
After I watched the Cowboys lose. the next day I made a break for it and went to Phi Phi. My expectations were high; I try not to get tooooo excited about places because I find most places overrated so when something is great, I am somewhat surprised. Was Phi Phi what I thought it would be? No but was still an above average island. Went diving the first day with Princess Divers because they were rated the highest on Trip Advisor. Side note: Trip Advisor is great and shouldn't just be used to hate on a hotel/restaurant which is deserved sometimes, but also to praise or just let people know it isn't as bad as one awful reviewer says it is. I find a lot of owners now respond back to comments people make and think everyone who has a business should be super aware of how their brand is managed online.
Anyway, diving was fun, did 2 dives, woke up at 7am. At the end of the day, you go over which fish you saw with your dive master so here are a few of the things I saw:

Titan  Triggerfish

Pineapple Sea Cucumber

Bleu Sea Star
Still far from great at diving but improving slowly, still claustrophobic but working on it. After you are down there for a bit you can start to enjoy it and get some decent thinking done and wouldn't you know it, I thought about my little blog that I have and thought I would share a timbit Bert thought with you.
I really want to see a turtle or a shark. Or a SharkTurtle but I heard those were very rare, possibly extinct. I think it is pretty easy to get sidetracked while down there because you are focusing on not dying, staying close to your buddy and trying to find that turtle, shark or whatever. Then the thought sort of hit me that you might be looking crazy hard for a certain thing and then to your bottom right something you might not even know exists is slowly crawling by you but you don't even know to look for it because you have an idea if your head of what you want to see. I think this example might extend out of the water. Say you are whatever age and are super focused on finding a wife/husband. Everyday, everywhere you go, most of your thoughts and planning are revolving around finding that right person. While you are doing that, an amazing job might be right around the corner if you dig a little deeper or a great travel opportunity with a friend might be in the cards if you made time to talk about something other than Having a set goal and going for it, good. Being narrowly focused on an outcome that you don't have full control over while missing incredible opportunities...bad. So today, take a look around, you might find a SharkTurtle.

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