Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 197 and I still have my passport!

Quality read: Top Five Regrets of the Dying:

29 minutes until bedtime.

I don't feel like I have anything of great importance to post about (not sure I ever have) or breaking news in any way. Blows my mind that tomorrow is December; glad I can finally shave this Burt Reynolds style mustache off my face. Last weekend was great, had American Thanksgiving here so everyone brought food to the party and got to have some traditional Thanksgiving food along with some "British" food. Also got a massage, bought a waterproof bag even though I keep telling everyone rainy season is over, watched the Cowboys win and other things that make Teacher Bert happy. Oh, I was a judge at a English competition. Good thing I wasn't the judge of making the signs:
So me and Omar volunteered to help out on Saturday morning, just had to read some questions (very slowly I'm told, apparently my super fast speaking skills are frowned upon here) (which I'm almost told everyday that I talk too fast) (YA?? WELL MAYBE YOU READ TOO FAST!!!!) then mark them with 2 other people. I think they were around grade 4-6, here is one of the questions. And you can't gooooogle the answer:
Most kids wrote negative, one group answered minus, but one group answered this:
 Don't talk.
Is that really your answer? I'm taking it as a personal jab. A funny jab but answers hurt. 
Oh and Friday night I had my great helmet stolen. But it is 98% my fault, i didn't lock it up and it was fairly late at night at a place where people drink adult drinks so not surprised it went missing. We ended up getting paid for our 2 hours work and got paid enough to buy the same helmet again so it all worked out. 
Kendra, I'm assuming this is a daily occurrence?

Three day weekend coming up so going to some floating bungalow place with 50ish people from our town in a big double decker bus. Trying to have the upstairs only guys and girls downstairs but it isn't really catching on. Waited too long on the London job to book my flight to Bali now flights are more expensive so will wait until March to go, not sure what I'm doing for Christmas break but there is a pretty big New Year's party going on on one of the islands so will probably start the NEW YEAR strong there. That's about it, enjoy whatever day you read this on, embrace change and keep an eye our for those SharkTurtles.
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  1. Bert, are you having a child? (Reference to last quote which I love by the way.)

  2. Of course not Krista. I'm not married!! Is it even possible to have kids without being married and in love?? Doubt it.


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