Monday, November 7, 2011

Rainy season????

22 minutes until bed time.
A few things. I'm not very good at describing things and my English could use some work.
I do a very fast possibly non existent revision before posting.
I wouldn't really take my advice or listen to the things I say. I honestly don't know what I'm talking about.

So apparently this is rainy season

It hasn't really rained at all this month and has been hot as Hades outside.
If anyone who has lived with me or knows me really well, keeping my room clean and organized is a STRUGGLE. Not sure why, I get motivated once a month to clean and organize it but its the maintenance that I have an issue with. It actually does bother me and sort of affects my sleep. So. I finally bought a bunch of things to make my room less awful. Long story short I bought  a few plastic drawers to put in my room, thought I could be a hero and drive with one hand with the plastic thing in my hand. Couldn't do it. So this really nice maybe 16 year old Thai girl gives me some rope so I can tie it around the plastic drawers and drive home with it and gives me duct tape so it didn't fall onto the street. Made my night. There is a picture of this, you will get it hopefully soon. Went to a Halloween party the other night, here is a picture or two:

A few other facts.
Went "swimming" on Saturday with 2 other friends. Now, there was a small sign that I can only imagine said closed. I can't read Thai so we decided to ignore said sign. Well 20 minutes later a Thai lady shows up and she is not amused. Isn't smiling or trying to motion that we aren't allowed in there, just is speaking Thai really fast and is not in a good mood. We get the hint and start to leave. She starts talking to some other Thai people and is laughing and is probably a nice person. We pay muban dues so we thought that we could swim for free, apparently it is like 20 baht or something so this lady had a bit of a hate on for us (In Thai culture, the foot is the dirtiest part of the body and Thai people don't step over you, they will walk around just so you don't see their feet) well so this lady as I'm on my bike getting ready to leave turns her back and kicks her one foot at me. A MAJOR insult here. I was not thrilled. But she is an old Thai lady and there wasn't much I could do. Then the next day, an old Thai man yells and me and Kait (from Kait's corner) (mostly at Kait) for the dog that lives at my house barking at him and the neighbors then the fact that she can't speak Thai. So not the best luck with older Thai people UNTIL later that day, I always wear my helmet but did not this particular trip and long story short got stopped by a policeman saying this is the law in Thailand, why aren't you wearing a helmet. Talk to him for a bit, smiling, bashing my long eyelashes at him, then asks me where I'm from. I say Canada. He smiles and says go ahead. Thank. You. Canada.
Karyn and Scott. Canadians. Enough said. 

Question: Anything you want me to post about that I haven't covered in my non extensive blog history? Anything you want more or less from? DELETE blog? Write a nice/mean/emotional comment here or on Facebook, it might make me feel some sort of emotion. I sort of miss Canadian things.

Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.

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