Monday, November 21, 2011

I never thought I'd be on a boat. It's a big, blue watery road.

November 21st 2011 4:46pm.

I.......did not work today. I did however eat a chocolate bar, popcorn, drink sprite and watched the movie "In Time" at the movie theater they have here in town. The movie was in Thai and had no subtitles. I knew this going into it but I was just desperate to watch a movie (who can really pass up Justin Timberlake on the big screen? I mean come on) It was definitely interesting, before the previews start you have to stand up to show respect to the King while a video montage of the King doing King stuff is played. Debbie I said King montage, not wedding dancing montage. It was a simple enough movie to watch and still understand but I'm going to need to be filled in because there was a guy in that movie who I have no idea fits in really. And it was probably the first movie in a long time that I didn't laugh really loud at was in Thai.

Went to Railay on the weekend and went rock climbing for the first time. I liked it but it was way harder than I thought it was going to be. Probably didn't help that I went with Stu and Jake (Jake must have be part monkey) Weather was really good on the Saturday, beautiful beach that sold cheap cheap but good good Thai food. Did not rage on the Friday night, went to bed early but stayed out till 4 on the Saturday to make up for it. Someone in the group did something that night that one person deemed a "federal offence" and almost got caught. It was a good night, flew by that's for sure. Would go rock climbing again just need to go with worse people than me and a bit easier wall.

In other news, there are 9 days left in November/Movember and I'm only at 10% of my goal to raise money for prostate cancer research.  I only need one person to donate $10 until the end of November. I think this is manageable.
One last timbit of information. I really like sub-contracting my problems out such as shaving and doing laundry. Well I started getting my hair washed at a salon for 50 baht. Such a good deal and is basically a head massage. American Thanksgiving this week. Enjoy!


  1. Sponsoring you for Movember is on my list of things to do today. Can you even grow facial hair?

  2. Thanks sister. Umm I'm no dad but if I pointed it out you would notice it. Once I get to 50% of my total I will post a picture.


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