Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Not really 4 but 1. I have decided to stay here for another year. I observed different teachers classes Wednesday and Thursday, trying to get a feel for what grade I might like to teach next. I love teaching K2, my kids are adorable and I really like the group of teachers that I am with right now. On the other hand, the idea of teaching grade 3, 4, or 5 and having them understand what I'm saying, be able to read and laugh at my niche style of comedy makes me happy. I was DEFINITELY planning on leaving after this school year. I really enjoy it here but not speaking Thai is a struggle to say the least and would like to make more money in another country. 
BBBUTT (as Teacher Oat would say) our boss sent out an e-mail saying he would like to know by then end of the week what people are thinking about next year and also had his own sales pitch style of trying to get people to stay on. Most people will be moving on because they have been here for about 2 years and that is about the amount of time I want to spend here. It came down to a few things:

1-I love teaching. I dig being around kids, asking me for help and showing them something they didn't know when they walked into MY class in the morning.

2-We get a stupid amount of time off. Will leave it at that.

3-No winter.

4-Thailand is a cool place, good jump off point to other cheap, cheap but good good countries.

5-One year just wasn't enough.
(Side note: If you or someone you know is thinking of teaching English abroad, now is the time to apply, summer camp starts in April and the new year starts in May. http://www.eslcafe.com/search/Jobs/Asia/Thailand/

I will be back home at the end of April/beginning of May for 10-14-16 days. Not 100% sure when the new term starts but will be home for sure for a portion of a beautiful Ottawa spring. If you would like some Bert time, my calender is free and will likely stay fairly free. Things on the agenda are a Jays game, Canada's Wonderland and eating at Wendy's. Teacher Bert understands people are busy and have jobs so I will be chilling with my mom, eating some chili and going on a walk or two with Old Lady Debbie. 

(Quick story: As you might know, I love suits. So when I was at the big school for 2 days I dressed up all fancy in my suit along with my jacket. 2 interesting comments)

Thai teacher: Ummmm Teacher Bert. You are wearing a jacket......it issss very hot in Thailand. People arrre curious...why you are wearing it?

Small child: Teacher, teacher, you are very handsome, what do you eat??
Teacher Bert: Sorry? 
Small child: Youuu very handsome, what do you eat?
Teacher Bert: Oh, I am from Canada. 
Small child: Ohhhhh Canaanadaaaa.

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” — Steve Jobs


  1. I definitely agree with Steve Jobs.

  2. Oh, Bert. Wby did it take 3 days for me to see your most recent, highly informative and entertaining post? Teaching is a great career choice. I have no regrets. I will bend over backwards to ensure we get to see you while you're back in the country. We only have a few events on our plate at that time: Emma's confirmation, Cheer Nationals in Niagara Falls, and.... I know we can make it work. Love you!

  3. Love you too Krista! I will be in and around TO for a good portion of it, was talking to Brig about maybe going to Wonderland together. Just a thought. Message me your number, will call you via Skype to catch up.

    1. I love that one of your largest mitigating factors in teaching a higher grade is that they will understand and react to your humor more appropriately...Nothing but class, Bert! Miss ya and your 'niche' style comedy.


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