Monday, July 9, 2012

Timbits of infomation

Good morning/afternoon/evening!

Just read something about what a guy has learned from being in Thailand and I have basically stolen that idea and created my own fun list of things you might not know unless you lived here:
1-In my town and most places in Thailand I can buy a bottle of alcohol for 200 baht, ($6) preferably Johnny Langer, bring it to a restaurant or bar and only have to buy ice/coke. Most places, the waitress will mix your drinks for you and if your glass is starting to run out, they will come by and fill it back up. 
2-I've said this in a previous post  but parade season is starting up again soon. Try driving to school on a random Tuesday and half of the road will be blocked off with cops and hundreds of perfectly dressed Thai high school students will be parading up and down the street with loud music, costumes and banners. It would be like going to work in Toronto near King street and being 10 minutes late because a massive Wednesday parade just started. Just wouldn't happen.

3-You know how if you go to McDonald's (eating there is a status symbol in my town and jobs at 7-11 and McDonald's are very sought after and above average) and once you finish you should bring your tray to the trash can and put your garbage away? Well it is my understanding and I could be wrong, but here it is sort of seen as being impolite to bring your own garbage to the garbage can. I think it might be seen as taking their job away from them but not entirely sure but all I know is other people don't so Teacher Bert leaves his tray. Don't judge me.

4-People will be super straight up with you about your appearance. Thai people will do this with themselves and foreigners. Looking a little fat today? “Teacher very fat today, looks like you have are having a baby” Looking very handsome as per usual? They will let you know. Especially with kids but I think kids are like this everywhere. They aren't mean spirited about it they just might not have as big of filter as a Western person.
5-Apparently, a lot of Thai girls who wear braces, especially in bigger places like Bangkok, don't need them and are just vanity braces. They wear them because it shows that they have money and makes them look younger. I heard about this and it makes a bit of sense then I asked a Thai teacher in my office and she said it is for real. I'm pretty sure growing up people were not happy about getting braces and never heard of people rocking fake ones. Whatever gets you through the day.
6-The King of Thailand is the longest reigning monarch in the world and is also the wealthiest. He is worth about 30 billion dollars.

7-I got a shave from a barber shop while I was back in Canada and it cost $30 which is 1000 baht. I get shaved once a week for about 60 bath which is $2. No rush on that return ticket home.
I hope you enjoyed a drama free week and weekend. Hope the summer is treating you formidably and you work the least amount as possible. Also, I re-read my New Years blog post and I am doing well on one of my resolutions but could show improvement on my second one. I will be doing so sometime this week and may write about it depending on how poorly it ends up going. 

I just recently had to go to the emergency room. I had some stomach virus thing. I almost called an ambulance. It's weird I mean considering calling an ambulance for yourself. Y'know. You call an ambulance for other people right? What are you suppose to say about yourself? "Can you come get me? Yeah I don't feel so good. Just come on in and I'll be lying on the floor." Brian Regan

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