Thursday, June 2, 2011

Football (soccer) golf!

 Last night was a good time. Went to Arc bar, found a little bar that had 50 baht vodka redbulls, drank on the beach, guys would walk around with monkeys and lizzards and people would take pictures with them, not a fan on that in any way. Went to the free booze bar again, brought 3 girls we met with us. Not hard to recruit friends with promises of free alcohol. Had 20 minutes to kill so one of the girls had the idea to go into a strip club for our free time. First and hopefully last time I'm in a Thai strip club. One of the guys loved it in there, some guys like it and some do not. So we had a drink there, ended back at Mango bar to end the night. Wanted Burger King so bad but had no money or money for a cab so I went back to our place with the 2 British girls, Claire and Lucy and luckily got out of paying for that one. Was suppose to Skype my mom at 7am but due to 3am arrivals home, that did not happen so that wasn't ideal. Don't even have an alarm so not sure how I was thinking I'd wake up and be awake. Got up, turned on my computer and hoped it would be 7, it was 11. Had lunch, went to play football golf. Basically it's mini putt but with a soccer ball and a bigger hole to kick the ball into.

Very fun and different. Never heard of it before. Doesn't matter who won because I'm not that into winning or being competitive, I just like the spirit of the game and being outside. Had a steak sandwich for lunch, really embracing the Thai culture, I know. Got a head and shoulders massage today for 200 baht. Wasn't the worst part of my day in any way. Started pouring rain so I download a bunch of podcasts, get my suits tomorrow and go to koh phangan Saturday am. That is where they have the full moon parties, not till the 16th I think. Going to look for jobs on the island and go from there. A few things. 1-On the show Lost, the island was huge and they had no main strip in the middle of the island, no internet and no cell phones. I find it HIGHLY unlikely that they would run into each other as frequent as they do on that show. On Koh Tao, it was a small island and everyone is on the main strip and some people I'd never see again. While there are many things about Lost that are unrealistic and this probably shouldn't be the one I take issue with because there was a polar bear on the island, it just isn't realistic. 2-When I was on  the boat to Koh Samui and I was seeing other parts of Koh Tao, I thought it was fun seeing parts of the island you've never seen and thought about how crazy it must have been for people hundreds of years ago would get onto a ship and just go for it, hope you hit a continent nobody you know has ever heard of and actually find something. How happy you would be and how great everyone would you think you are especially seeing how most boats never came back. Being an explorer back then is hard to comprehend now I think. There is a tv in my room and few English channels so I'm very up to date with what Fox News has to say. I learned a new Bristish term that I love. Instead of saying Chad Boudreau can't pick up girls, ever.... a British person would say Chad never pulls. I really like it, too bad for Chad but good for my vocabulary. I want to see The Hangover: Part 2 and the new X-Men movie. That is all for now.


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