Monday, June 6, 2011

Koh Phangan

Now on Koh Phangan, home to the Full Moon party that happens next week. As some of you may or may not know, I'm in love with the moon. I find it very romantic, how dinosaurs (my second love) have seen the moon, Hitler (not my 3rd love) saw the moon, people who don't speak English and have their own culture and live in the jungle know what the moon is, its the last thing some people see before they die, babies know what the moon is, 2 people can be looking at the moon at different places and makes the world seem smaller. The sun gets enough love, I'm more of a moon man. So there was a place in Ottawa called the Moon Room, wellll they had me at moon. It was nice in there. On another island I ate a place called  Moon Burger. Didn't stand a chance not eating at that place. And there is a Half Moon party soon so I'm trying not to get too excited about it but I love the moon and you dress up and put body glow on and dress all bring and loud. Should be a good time. Have a room for 300 baht a night till after the party so that is pretty cheap. Place I'm staying at now has a pool and it is actually cold so I love that. Maybe 10 min walk to the party. Googled this, looks pretty safe

Was really going to look for jobs today but I woke up around 10ish and I wanted to be up by 8 so I thought to myself, what happens if you don't do it today? And the answer was............nothing. So I had french toast, read my book, found a new place to stay because the place I'm at fill up near Full Moon, had supper, watched Due Date and now updating this. Yesterday I watched Hangover Part 2. Some funny parts. Met Liam, guy from Koh Tao randomly so that make me feel a little less alone. A guy was wearing a Habs shirt and speaking French to his gf and I still didn't want to be friends with them. I don't mind being alone, I'd rather have friends everywhere put I'm somewhat wouldn't think so seeing some of my guy friends. Going to rent a scooter soon, only 100 baht for the day so I'm going to tour around and check out the island. Apparently it gets crazy here soon, 20 to 30 000 people for this party. No idea what is going on in NHL and NBA playoffs. They are about a week behind and I'm trying to randomly catch a game but they just love soccer and F1 here. So bizarre. Other than that, nothing crazy going on, just sleeping in, not going to work, swimming, reading and just letting the day take its own shape. Were up to 5 followers on the blog so things are getting pretty serious. Because I don't have anything too crazy on here or anything to take away I found this article interesting, Sort of what happens when you pack a bag and take off but I also want to keep it in mind when I come back. I'm not a hippie or high on drugs, I just think it's something we should keep in mind.
Have a fun Monday morning at work everyone.

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