Monday, June 20, 2011

Hope someone brings me an apple, cucumber slices more likely (they LOVE cucumber here)

Just finished my first day as a K2 English Teacher, 3-4 year olds. Just observed today and same thing for tomorrow. From my "mansion" I can walk to work, have little food stands I can eat at in the morning and after school. Had an amazing egg with batter and sauce on it. Very good and a fruit drink for less than a dollar. Seems like as long as you can teach them fun songs, do some crafts, show up and have energy things should be ok. Other teacher's are really good, ask them for help and they have answers. Very hot today. Should be fun, happy to go to work tomorrow, something I haven't been able to say for a while. And one of the things I hate most about working is making my lunch because I can't make it in the morning because I just can't function and I don't like thinking about work or want to do anything work related when I come home so that is normally a huge, daily complaint I have. BUT, here, they give all the teachers a free Thai buffet lunch. There are 2 campuses, so they bring us to the high school and get a pretty decent lunch. Then after our lunch is nap time but I'm pretty certain I'm not suppose to be napping, based on the look on the face of my boss when they woke me up...jk.

Another timbit of information is I got a tattoo the other day. Hurt so much, so whoever is out there lying about how much they hurt you should be ashamed of yourselves. I could have easilyl lied and be cool and kept the myth alive. But mine hurt, I got it in a painful place, near my ribs under my right arm, so that might be why. Not sure if I love it due to the amount of pain and money it cost but I hear that a lot of people feel that way, might get it changed a bit and touched up but I think it will be ok.

Went to the Full Moon party the other night. This is what I did, not me, but exactly what it is like.
They also have slids that have fire near them and a mat at the bottom to catch you. So everyone went down it like normal humans but I went Hero Kendra style and went head first and slammed into a guys knee. Got some scraps from that and fire but nothing too bad. People love dressing up, specifically girls, so there are people body painting everywhere, drinking buckets, random people asking you to buy weed and MDMA from them. Not as unsafe as people say, just don't be an idiot. Got a massage before going out, girl ding it answered her phone and the guy next to me answered his call, definitly different from home. Overall, I have really loved not working, seeing Thailand, sleeping in and doing whatever but I'm also happy to be living in an actual Thai town, teaching kids and still having Western people around me. There is a couple from Ottawa teaching at my school and people from Toronto and Boston. I have a 2-3 weeks off in October, planning on going to Australia/New Zealand. Get a week off for Christmas if anyone wants a Thai Christmas. Contract ends in April and wedding in May so that will all figure itself out. Just finished reading A Game of Thrones, now I need to order Clash of Kings and started watching the series on HBO, very much like the book for all those folks who can't read. Not sure why you're on my blog...but I guess you don't understand me either so I'd say something very rude here but my mom reads this so I'll say I'm a teacher, let me help you. Have a fun Monday everyone, the song in this vdeo inspired me to take it, definitly NOT on my snowboarding playlist (on repeat)

Rachel this savagery is for you:

Unsure who to dedicate this to:


  1. With each passing post, I'm more envious and self-loathing. I'm researching airfare and will likely take you up on THAI-CHRISTMAS (capitalized for effect). Is the 'savagery' sexy-time? I'm sorry I missed your call the other day!!! I'm keeping skype signed-in on my phone though, so keep trying!! Great posts. Don't be tempted by the MDMA. Keep it real and keep it legal (Thai-legal).

  2. Just a quick update...Dec 23-Jan 2 is only $3100 + tax ($560)...any ideas?


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