Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Koh Samui

Alright. Have a few things to say. 1-Bought suits yesterday. 3 tailored suits, 6 custom shirts and 3 mass produced ties for under 500. 2-Found a little nght market that only happens on Tuesday's, buying mojitos for basicallyl nothing. 3-Bought a polo shirt for almost nothing 4-Went to my first ever IceBar. From North Bay so didn't  really phase me too much but definitly cool to see. Wouldn't want to spend a whole night there.

5-With girls from London still and they thought they knew 2 guys were Canadian because one had a backwards had on so we bet a drink that they were/weren't. Anyway, turns out they weren't but turns out to be a great icebreaker because they want to know what they thought and is a real conversation starter. So I went up to 3 more groups because they thought they were from the UK....all 3 groups were. Just by the way they dressed they said they knew. Like all the countries in the world and they went 3 out 4. Not bad. So the last group I went to said they were leaving to go to a bar that serves free drinks from 12-1. Doesn't even make sense. So we walked over there and you go to the bartender, ordered vokda redbull and he gives it to you for free. No signs or people advertising it, just free drinks for an hour, no strings attached. Still can't believe it. So then one of the guys we met says have you been to the bathroom yet? I said no, and he got super excited and says you HAVE to go to the bathroom here. Now I have a pretty good bathroom story already so I thought I doubt  whatever is going to happen to me in there will beat the time Matt and I were in Vegas and you go in and there is a man there and he says "Welcome to the bathroom" Super nice guy and nice bathroom so I tell Matt you have to go in there. Comes back and tells me that while he was washing his hands the guy took a lint roller to his back without asking and started to clean his jacket. After Matt says thanks, the guys says " No, thank YOU for coming". So back in real time Tland, I'm using the urinal and a guy puts a damp cloth on my neck, assuming it helps the flow, which it did...then I go to wash my hands, because I do that everytime, and 3 guys are there waiting. One guys picks me up, turns me to my left, cracks my entire left side of my back, turns me to my right, back cracks again. Lets me go, another guy just goes for my neck, cracks it to the left then immediately to the right. I love cracking anything that will crack as some people might know, my dad got me addicted to the feeling so I appreciated a great crack more than most. Touches my ears and something cracked, either his fingers or my ears but it felt great. Then picks me up again, cracks my back again by pulling me towards him  then lets me go. They ninja chiropractic you out of nowhere. Unbelievable. Just sort of walked out of the bathroom feeling amazed and the other guys just laught being like ya it doesn't even make sense. So that was my bathroom experience. Went to the beach today, went back to get fitted for my shirts, jacket and pants.Going to Ark bar tonight in a few minutes. No complaints. 

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