Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Got quite involved on the weekend (as British people would say)

I will give an update on the weekend either in this post or the next but I feel like I have some thoughts I'd like to put to computer screen and see what come out so this might not be 1000% Thailand related so if that's what you would like maybe stop now.

Here we go. This isn't due to anything that has happened recently and have thought this before but I feel like people should embrace people not liking them. I don't believe people should go out of there way for people to dislike them but I feel like being great, starting change or making a difference will automatically make people not like and I think that's a good thing. Nobody likes everyone, that is apparent. But the greater you are, the more people hate so I feel like I'd almost want to get to the point of people having a severe hate to you. Name someone great who people don't have a bit of hate for. It's everywhere. People hate Obama for trying to fix something that is basically impossible to fix, people hate Lebron James well for a few reasons, people hate Mother Theresa. So the next time someone hates on you I think you should view it as being on  the right path and unless you are just recklass and doing things intentionally to hurt people, the more people that dislike you means you are probably on to something. I mean, look how many people hate Beiber and he is obviously envoking great, great change.....

Like Loyd Christmas says "I hate goodbyes". I think it is very sad and is almost like someone dying. Now with Facebook and Skype it is easier but I think we should keep track of who we say goodbye to and how it affects us during and after. I feel like it its easy to say goodbye and you hardly think of that person, it might say something about that relationship. It might not, depending on the type of person you are but if when you stop being around people and it really bothers you, you should listen. We should also be monitoring our dreams of other people. For example, I hardly dream about the people I feel like I care about a lot in my life. I rarely dream about my mom, not sure if I've ever dreamt about my brother and so on. I'm more likely to dream about the person who drove in a taxi or my doctor than someone I see day to day. And the most common place for my dream is my old house on Brent Court that I spent most of my life growing up in, which makes sense. But, I dream about one person consistently for the past few years and if baffles me. I sort of still talk to this person, don't regret the way things are really but it is probably the most consitent dream I have and feel like people should pay attention to that and at the very least notice it, at the most do something about it.

(If the world can change this much, might as well embrace in in your own life)

Finally, this weekend if the first time I have ever really felt old. I was talking to another teacher about what kind of music we listened to while house/dance/sort of techno music was playing and we both sort of agreed that we weren't into this but how my little cousin Alex loves this type of music...and I always thought she was wrong for liking it and how she wasn't cool (which she is) then we started talking about how this is what the "kids" are listening to these days and how I'm out of the loop. It hit me like a orange juice truck. There is a generation of people younger than me that like different things and think things I like are lame. One second I thought I was pretty up to date on things, the next I'm some old guy who needs to be told that I'm not N'Sync (k I know that isn't cool). Now I think I get how  people who are sent to prison feel after being in jail from the time they are 20 and get out at 60.  The world really must have changed drastically and the only thing they know is within those walls. I get I'm being dramatic but honestly think how it must feel to be out of it for 30 plus years then try to get back in the game, try to make friends, dress, pick up girls, anything. I definitly get fearing leaving prison and wanting to go back. 

Well that's enough, that's a mild glimpse into what Bert thinks about sometimes. Sorry if it disappointed you but hopefully it made you hate me just a little bit.

Bert Brandon III


  1. Bert, I don't hate you for thinking deep thoughts, I hate you 'cause you're beautiful.

  2. Thanks for those words I have some of my own...

    First of all, who do you know that hates Mother Theresa?

    Second, I want to thank you for the perfect inspiration re: being great. I'm going through some tough times right now in this regard and your words have affirmed that my path towards higher greatness will be a rocky one (depending on how you look at it). There's one thing you neglected to mention, and that is the Facebook delete/profile access change. I know I'm guilty of it, the passive aggressive 'fuck you', but it should be made clear that this is a clear confirmation of greatness. When you don't want the other person to see your business, it's a clear indication that they don't feel worthy.

    That is all.

    Miss your guts, however the long-distance wisdom semi-makes-up-for-it.


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