Friday, July 22, 2011

Long time listener...first time caller.

Last weekend was a fun weekend. 4 day weekends tend to agree with me.
Went to Koh Phangan island and stayed on Haad Yuan. Remember how I was saying how once things get too big they loose part of what made them original in the first place? Well, it appears I have been shown something on the verge of the Tippoint Point of being too popular and well known. From people who have been going for the last 2 years apparently they have already started to see it change so it will be interesting to see how it develops in the next few years. So we partied on this island, in the jungle till my arch nemesis (the sun) came up. Very interesting and laid back vibe. A lot of dancing, done by other people, rained just the right amout around 3ish and was a great way to hangout with people from my school and town away from town and school. A part I liked was around 6-7ish in the morning, there is a yoga sanctuary near by so the yoga teachers come by and just dance for a bit before going to work to house/techno music. Spent most of Saturday doing something I can't 100% describe here but was something I will keep in the back of my mind for a while. Saturday night went to bed at 7pm and slept till 7am the next day so that was great. Sunday night was Full Moon party. Went for a drink before taking the boat over to Haad Rin and met up with a guy I met on Koh Tao who was with other Canadians and one girl was from Ottawa, really like meeting other Ottawa people. So many more people at this one, saw one huge jacked beast from 5 weeks ago, funny when you start re-seeing people. Don't some people work?
Randomly saw 2 girls from my school and met the girl who left my class before I got it so really fun talking to her about my students, the school and Thailand and we both went to Brock so that was a highlight of the night. Stayed up all night again, I hardly ever do it and doing it twice in a weekend doesn't really agree with Bert. Forgot my camera again, so devastating for blogging material but I hadn't posted some from my last ones so wherever they end up here is from last time and this is probably the last time I go.

Final thoughts, if you are looking for a book to read, read Unbroken byLaura Hillenbrand. Probably the best and most unbelievable book I've ever read. If you want to get into a show but not sure what, watch Friday Night Lights or if you have for some reason not gotten into Modern Family, do that. That is everything, have a fun weekend, Jess have a great wedding and everyone going have an unreal time.

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