Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I've been to a Thai hospital twice...have you???

Somehow my right kneecap has gotten infected. Some say jumping rope at Full Moon, not healing properly and making my knee swell up twice the normal size is the reason. Another reason (Thai reason) is I ate too much chicken.......Obviously the chicken diagnosis is right. It only started to hurt around Thursday in Malaysia, then Sunday I was told to go to a hopital on Monday, googled what I think was wrong with me, called Water on the knee thanks to my good friend google. Went to the hospital on Monday, they cleaned it, gave me antibiotics and told me to come back everyday for the rest of the week. I asked the guy cleaning it if he could drain my knee because that what the internet told me, he said no, that's just blood. Alright, I'm not a doctor and seeing how Chiropractors are fringe doctors, I didn't have any cards to play. Woke up this morning, way worse, wouldn't put socks on, got to work and went right back to the hospital, took bandages off, infection got way worse, doctor said we should drain it (doctor of the year award) so he gave me a few shots with a kneedle which may or may not have hurt, then cut my knee which MAY or may not have hurt, stuck gauze in the hole of my kneecap and go back tomorrow to take it out. I should have taken a picture of it but I really don't want to remember this at all. Have a doctors note to miss 5 days of school but would prefer to be better tomorrow. Want to be ready by the 15th weekend to go rock climbing. The only thing that may be mildly funny about this situation is my works pants aren't very loose and the bandages they put on are really thick so I can't take my pants off on the one leg but I can take them off the other leg so I'm laying on my bed with half my pants on till I go back tomorrow..

Other news.
Malaysia was fun, ate McDonald's, went to a English movie theatre and watched the new transformers movie, I liked it, long but I brought a beer in and just loved it. Really missed being in Canada for Canada Day, complained a lot about it and I'm ok about that. Painted Canada and Poutine down my arms, Canadian flag on my face and the letters Canada on my face, with permanent marker. I was pretty proud of the artwork done of me by a fellow Canadian we found in McDonald's from Halifax and her friend from VancouverAmerican (Lauren)...(she only gets a blog shout out because 1-I forgot my camera and needed to get some pictures of my weekend 2-she helped celebrate Canada Day with me and were pretty loyal and don't hate) until a lady comes up to me and says "Ya well get a real one" and this is that lady:

Went to a national park, there was a monkey part and a turtle part, I chose this:

Found out that my brother's wife's brother Marc, who I'm friends with on fb and a girl named Carla who works at the same school as me know each other from South Africa and went to school together and I think that is pretty crazy. Also, I feel like my Skype intake and requests aren't as high as I would like so consider this a warning to everyone out there, add me, Skype me or there might be a consequence, bertbrandonthethird. FREE people.

I think that's about it, I will take some more drugs, not leave my room and oh I found a pretty fun website, mildly rude but if you think funny fb status's are funny then go here: http://failbook.failblog.org/page/7/

Almost forgot, a man who appeared homeless came up to me and Lauren while eatend Indian food (which I am becoming a fan of, love Nann bread) and was like do you konw Dr.blah blah and I said no but you could google him and probably find him, told me he just got out of a coma and talked about random things, thought he was going to steal my wallet but ended up being harmless. Asked for the bill. the waiter said the "homeless" guy already paid for it, said we treated him like a friend so he will treat us like one. Blew my mind, just goes to show just be nice to everyone and it will work out most of the time. And they have fun money, you can't rip it or get it wet and you can see through part of it. That is all, have a fun Tuesday.

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