Thursday, July 7, 2011

I have a lot of free time so this might not be a high quality post

So this is day 4 of almost constant time in bed with my laptop and this are starting to improve. Newsflash: drugs help. Not doing anything may also have healing powers. Going back to the hospital tomorrow, the guy in there knows me; don't even give him my card, not something I want to get used to. Overall health care grade I give Thailand would be B+ and would be higher if they would have drained my knee the first day like I asked them but other than that, very clean, nice, fast and not very expensive.

I haven't done anything fun in the last few days so this next part is more just me being slightly negative but honest and more Bert inspired.

I saw an article about something and I came to the realization that it isn't cool anymore and I feel obliged to tell people that aren't sure what it is or see it and wonder if they should think it’s cool anymore or not. It used to be cool, yes. But once things get too big and popular like Facebook or Jesus, they become less exciting and just become lame. Once you see celebrities start to do something, you should probably stop. I'm talking about planking. If I was in charge of the world, this would be cancelled. Sort of at the same level of being Iced. The reason these things are great at the beginning is because nobody knows what you're doing, you're an early adopter. It goes to show how great the game is when hack about how they aren't cool anymore which would have had to of been cool at some point. But were past that point team. And I'm sorry. I have no doubt there is some new trend spreading across some country or state that will sweep the world up in a month or two but unfortunately by then, it just won't be that great anymore. So if you're into something right now that nobody knows about, keep it quiet, you're way cooler than them and me. If you don't know what planking or being Iced is, Google it. Oh and if you're wondering, Bert, you handsome and exciting young man with a very bright future ahead of you, what makes you able to say what is in or out, cool or douchey? My answer to that is, you're reading my blog not the other way around. BAM!
This can't all be hate. This plank is impressive. Most aren't. Please stop.

P.S.-Stew, I know you do this, and I don't think you read this but if you do, you can have a paragraph on my next post where you can hate on me.
P.P.S.-Feed the fish on the right hand side by clicking near them unless they may die.


Bert Brandon III

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