Friday, September 23, 2011

Quick, short post

Can't believe this happened a year ago.
Last post took the longest out of any post I've done. I know you wouldn't be able to tell from the quality of it except for Kait's superior comments (thanks Kait!) I will make this short and a little sweeter than usual. Finished my Prawn Show today! I think it went really well, I've never seen anyone else's show or done one before but the kids were well behaved, sang their 4 year old hearts out and were generally pretty cute and fun. Now I don't work till Wednesday, then 3 not full days of work then off until October 25th I believe. The main message I want to get across in this blog is the other day I went back to this huge Thai festival they are having in Nakhon for the 3rd time but this time will all Thai people and is certainly a different experience being with people who understand everyone everyone is saying. I know very little Thai and main stumbling blocks are I have a lot to learn in a short period of time and once you learn Thai, outside of Thailand it isn't much use. If you learn Spanish or Chinese, that is useful. Not a ton of people speaking Thai in North Bay these days. When my friend Alex was up last weekend he basically told me I'm dumb for not learning Thai and that I'm missing out on meeting really different and fun people. And he's right. It is sort of like if I was Thai, went to Canada to teach kids how to speak Thai and only hung out with other Thai teachers and only learned a few words of English. I'm really limiting the things I can do and the friends I can meet by not learning Thai. So I've learned a few things this week and will hopefully continue throughout my break. Highlights of the festival were playing bingo (no idea what numbers the guy was calling but he let me choose 2 bingo shot a BB gun at a target (if the goal was to make sure the man on the target was left unharmed, then I succeed) and throwing balls at a teenager on a dunk tank. That was probably the best part, I didn't get them but I have a burning desire to return and willing to spend 500 baht to ensure my triumph over them. Have an unbelievable weekend. Might get pictures later and I know people love pictures so look at this:

Try a little harder to be a little better

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