Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lessons I think I've learned. Maybe.

Here are some lessons I think I've learned but will surely re-learn at some point soon. Maybe you can learn or relate to them. These are put in order by how the came to me initially.

1-Never tell a girl you like her. Other ways exist for a girl to know that you like her. Be happy with your life outside of girls and I promise that it will help.
Example: Learned this lesson a few years ago. Will not be repeated. 

2-Always check over your shoulder or look into your side mirror before opening the car door.You could hit someone or a car.
Example: In Toronto, not paying attention, hit a BMW with a rental car. Not a good situation. However, the guy realized it was an accident, figured (rightfully) that I didn't have any money and gave me a break. One day, I will return that favor to some young punk.

3-Never quit your job until you have another one set up. Quitting jobs you hate is very appealing and rewarding in many ways. However, not having a backup plan or income coming in will eventually be a worse situation. Use your hate for your job to fuel you into finding another job.
Example: Quitting my job in Ottawa in 2009 with a job offer from Japan for sometime in 2010 then going on a trip to Vegas. (which I do not regret)

4-Booking a one way ticket is exhilarating and a life game changer. 
Example: Your life.

5-If you notice something you like about someone or admire something they are doing, tell them. Compliments shouldn't be kept inside.
Example: I loved living with my cousin Debbie. I told her I'd be there for 2 months, left just before my 3 years came up. One day I just told her how much I loved living there, appreciated her help and that she made me a better person and less of a savage.

6-Have some sort of filter between what you think and what you say. Don't be someone who just talks constantly without reflecting and interrupting people. Listen to other people. Think of intelligent things to say. Feelings are usually hurt, unintentionally hurtful jokes are made or things we regret are said more than half the time by not carefully choosing our words.
Example: Almost every joke I made in elementary school by trying to be cool or funny.

7-Just because your boss, someone you admire or someone older tells you do to something, doesn't mean you have to do it. Learn to say no and be able to articulate why you are saying no, especially if you think what you are doing is either morally wrong or illegal.
Example: 4th year internship experience.

8-Be loyal, have your friends and families back and stand up to bullies.
Example: Accepting Matt's offer to be his best man in his wedding and making it a priority no matter what that I would come home for it.

9-Keep your room clean. It makes you feel better, sleep better and you never know who or when someone will come into your room. It in some way reflects on you as a person.
Example: Almost anytime, anyone has ever come to any of my rooms at anytime. Makes you look like a nugget for having a messy room. I'm OK with cleaning it, it's the maintenance that gets me.

10-Be careful what you commit to. Don't jump into saying yes to something that you will ultimately have to back out of. OK to say no but once you give someone your word you need to back it up. Have integrity. Lesson learned from Kirsty Spence, my best and most influential and greatest teacher I've had. (See how we are using what we learned from Lesson 4?)

Example: Offered to help a sports team in 2009 that was a bit out of town while not having a car or much time to work on it other than weekend. Lesson learned. Say no to things.

11-Go to be early. Like 9:30 or 10:00. A tired Bert is not a fun or productive Bert.
Example: Felt like I was always tired last year teaching kindergarten. Realized I was wasting time on the internet or somewhere else till 11, 11 30 12 at night. You probably aren't being productive after 9 pm. Go to bed.

These are my thoughts. Let me know what you think or if you have any lessons you would like to pass on, would like to hear some.
"The only mistake in life is the lesson not learned." Albert Einstein.


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