Monday, May 13, 2013

Favorite Thai Foods!

It took me two years and leaving Thailand to do a post solely about Thai food. Sort of a surprise. Just looking and finding these pictures made me hungry and is pushing me a little closer to a  one-way flight back to Thailand. (ONE MORE YEAR!!) Let's just get this out of the way first. Cashew Nut Chicken is the best Thai food in the country. I don't want to hear you tell me that the restaurant around the corner in Toronto makes unbelievable Green Curry. Just stop it. This is our winner and there is no room for discussion. Price? 100 baht.
Best pork soup in Nakhon. Fills you up and taste phenomenal. Price? 40 baht. Eat it with some chili powder and chop sticks!

In my opinion, breakfast is Thai foods weakest link. Not really down for eating rice every morning so to switch things up on Sundays, this is the best you can get. Technically not Thai food, this is in the Dim Sum family. Those dumplings at the top are out of this world. I could easily eat one and struggle through a second one. That red sauce they give you, ahh so good. Then these ribs, the meat just falls off the bone. IT IS SO GOOD! Price? Hmm together I'd say 140 baht maybe.

I ate this meal almost everyday for my entire first year teaching kindergarten. (Time goes by so fast, 2 years, done just like that) 

The ladies at the shop were a major reason I kept going back. All I needed to do was say how many I wanted, the two ladies couldn't speak any English but just loved me. I'm really going to miss them.   Sauce was a little spicy for me but woke you up in the morning. Price? 35 baht. The stark difference between food prices here compared to Thai food is sad and depressing.          
Chicken stalls and chicken ladies are everywhere. What makes this meal is the sticky rice. Cheap, delicious and everywhere. Price? 50 baht. 

A more traditional Thai meal, Pad Krapow. This lady was also extremely friendly. Breaking news: Thai people are crazy friendly! Doesn't quit fill you up but is an above average Thai food that should be eaten with egg and not missed on any Thai menu.

Massaman curry is just A-1. Made with chicken, potatoes and peanuts (and I'm assuming other ingredients) it is a Farang favorite. Price? Maybe 60-100 baht. 

Chicken fried rice. A Teacher Bert go to his first few months in Thailand. Wasn't really into Thai food and wasn't really sure what to eat in the beginning. Chicken fried rice is simple and tastes great. Almost everywhere makes it so convenience is the key here. Price? 35 baht

Favorite fruits are mangosteen and mango. Tons of fruit stalls around, all very cheap. They are both so juicy and unique tasting. Price? 20ish baht.

There are things I really enjoyed that didn't make it here. Isaan food is amazing, definitely eat at a Isaan restaurant if you go to Thailand. Amazing meats, sum tom and fried fish. 

"My favorite animal is steak." Fran Lebowitz

Cashew nut chicken recipe:

Massaman Curry:

Chicken Fried Rice:

Pad Krapow (don't forget the egg!)

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