Sunday, May 5, 2013

New Zealand!

Goooood Day Mate! You alright?
Auckland skyline

New Zealand eh? Arrived in Auckland May 2nd, uneventful flight. Stayed at Base Hostel, clean, safe and pretty central downtown Auckland. If you check out the map below, Auckland is in the North Island. The biggest city in New Zealand but no the capital. The capital is Wellington. Auckland has so many book stores filled with English books, endless food options including Japanese, Indian, THAI, bagels, burritos, kebabs etc. Just phenomenal. Everyone understands me when I speak to them and there are hundreds of different beers to drink. New Zealanders are very friendly and hospitable. Went out a few nights and every night someone comes up to talk to me because they see I'm alone and invites me into their group. My Maybelline eyelashes might have something to do with that too though. Enjoying it so far, even the rainy/mild weather. Love not working. It is crazy expensive. $30 for a movie, are you kidding? Went to an art gallery, took some pictures but can't find my little cord to upload them, will hopefully do that soon. Got to Queenstown today, raining, checked into my hostel, Adventure Queenstown.  Organized, clean, safe and has cool people around. If it wasn't for the internet showing me the best places to stay, trips like these would be much more difficult.

Looked at getting a roommate in Queenstown, looked into buying snowboarding gear. Can you guess if that will be cheap or expensive? Nothing crazy has happened, just enjoying not being different and understanding everything around me. Oh, and what sort of surprised me is the amount of Asians that live in Auckland. I love it! I guess they go there to study and end up staying. Was a welcome surprise. 
Have a job interview on the 17th in the North Island and should have a few more by the end of this week. Will also look into getting a second job so that I don't die starving on the street in this place. The time difference is big and I still don't understand it. Right now it is 12 am, Monday morning. So in Ottawa it is 8 am Sunday morning. I think of it as I'm 8 hours ahead, minus a day. Thanks for staying tuned in, should have a tale or two to come in the coming weeks, enjoy your summer!
Last night in Nakhon

“You are what you think about all day long.” Robert 


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