Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Zealand update

Right now I'm about 40 minutes west of Auckland in Waimauku, in the North island. Staying with a family in a little apartment a 5 minute walk away from their beautiful home. They live on a farm, take people in and feed them in exchange for help around their farm/home and helping them with their kids. They have two little boys and a little girl. Their English speaking abilities are impressive! Their Thai is lacking though. Got here on the 21st, staying for as long as they will have me. One of my friends put me in touch with them because she had nannied with their neighbors a few years ago. Their names are Tim and Kelly. Kelly is a chiropractor (just like my dad!) and Tim owns part of a helicopter manufacturing company and works on the farm. Spend the first few days at his shop, cleaning windows and things like that. They pay for my lunch and cook me amazing dinners at night. In my biased opinion, I am getting way more out of this deal than they are so far, hopefully I can change that. Enjoying it here, haven't spend loads of time on farms in my life so should learn a couple of things with my time here.

Got on job on Whakapapa ski hill, half way between Auckland and Wellington as a lift attendant/de-icer. Want to try the de-icer part, apparently they hoist you up close to the top of the lift, take a baseball bat and smash all of the excess ice off the chair lifts. Should keep me in shape and sounds like a hardcore way to spend your days. Off days will be spent getting better at snowboarding and ideally learning a few tricks in the half-pipe. Start work June 24th and found a place to stay. They cook you your breakfast and dinner and it is the main staff residence. Rent there is $820 a month, steep but not cooking your own food is something I've just grown very accustomed to. That's kind of what's happening so far. 
Next few post ideas will be about how much it costs to move to New Zealand and a list of New Zealand sayings that just go completely over my head and see if you can guess the definition. Hope everyone had a great long weekend, if you ever need to get a hold of me here my number is or e-mail me at Shot my first shotgun today and they have a skeet shooting device here as well. Farm life, nothing wrong with it.

Thinking quotes for the next few weeks will be coming from things these little kids say. Taylor is the oldest, Jack's in the middle and Ella is the youngest.

Me: How do you use a 3D printer?
Taylor: We use a program called Google Sketch.
Me: What's that?
Taylor: You don't know what Google Sketch is?
Me: No
Taylor: Do you know what Google is?

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