Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Quick thoughts on Singapore

First, I'm still alive. Yaaaaaayyyyy! Got to Hat Yai okay, got on a bus to KL, then an overnight bus to Singapore, spent the day in the Singapore airport. Got stopped at the Singapore border for having Mr. Johnny Langer with me. Thought I was in big trouble. When a Singapore border agent asks you to step into the office, you consider running. Border agent "How much does this bottle of whiskey cost?" Me "About $3". Took pity on my obvious lack of wealth and let me go. Conclusions I have come up with about Singaporians. They love to party. I got there around 6 am this morning. There were still a good amount of people out, after bar eating and debotury. It was TUESDAY morning people!! What recession? If I knew that I might have come a day earlier but I'm not made of money.

Second interesting timbit is throughout my 11 hour stay in the airport, I saw tons of junior and high school kids hanging out and studying. As I was sitting down to eat my first Carl's Jr. Burger, I asked one of the kids why they do this. "Different than studying at home" he said. Kids take a 10 to 30 minute journey to get to the the airport!. Kids today and their airports. Waiting to get on a flight that hopefully lands safely in Auckland May 2nd. Enjoy your day everyone!

"Quack, Quack" 

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