Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bucket list

People ask me all the time: "Bert, you sexy, handsome, amazing writer you, what on earth is on your bucket list?" Great question. Today is that day people, today is that day. I have tons of free time on my hands so I thought I would do this. Feel free to make yours and let me know about it or let me know what you think of mine. Have a great weekend! If you want inspiration making your own lists, check these sites out:

Be able to speak Japanese
Be able to speak Spanish

Live in: 
South America

Bet on a horse race
Own a motorcycle
Snowboard in Whistler
Snowboard in Japan
Snowboard in Colorado
Enter a last person touching the prize contest
Get a free breakfast from a casino

Make an amazing taco salad
Learn to play chess
Learn to dive
Learn to tie a bow-tie
Restore a car
Help build a house
Build a piece of furniture for my house
Get CPR certified
Learn Muay Thai
Learn a magic trick
Learn to change a tire
Become decent at golf
Make an amazing chilli
Make amazing quesadillas
Be able to ride a horse
Do my own taxes
Learn to surf
Learn to wake-board

Dive Sipadan
Dive a shipwreck
See a whale shark
Alaskan cruise 
Guys weekend once a year for the rest of my life
New York, Boston, Chicago
Italy, Spain, London, etc...
Travel throughout Canada, possibly by train

Go see a Dallas Cowboys game in Dallas
Go go the Super Bowl
Watch a Montreal Canadians game in Montreal
See a college football game live
Go to a Winter Olympics
Go to a Summer Olympics
Mardi Gras, New Orleans
Tomorrowland-Belgium (
Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada
Watch a football/soccer game in Europe
Watch a show on Broadway
Kentucky Derby

Be an extra in a movie
Go on a date with a celebrity or have a celebrity friend
Stay at the Four Seasons Hotel
Live in a completely French speaking country for at least 4 months
Watch the Northern Lights in either Upper Canada or Iceland
Run/own my own business
Fly first class
Save someone's life
Go canyoning 
Snowboard in New Zealand
Donate blood 100 times
Summer travelling through Europe
Do a stand-up comedy routine at a comedy club
Get a waitress to put her number on the back of the bill without asking for it
Play RISK again with University roommates
Be a part of a (friendly) riot
Eat at In & Out Burger
Take part in a murder mystery dinner
Buy something at an auction
Go hunting
Pretend to be John Langer
Win a 50-50 draw
Complete a triathlon
Safari in Africa
Be interviewed by Piers Morgan.
Be in a play
Coach a kids basketball team
Build a tree house

Heart stopping proposal
Marry a beautiful/funny woman
Have a boy and a girl
Teach them stuff
Go on family vacations

Have a butcher
Have a lawyer
Have an accountant 
Be completely debt free
Have an aquarium
Write a bucket list post

"The opposite of bravery is not cowardice but conformity." 

Dr. Robert Anthony

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  1. Love this list, so many of the things are on my own list, but there are also many I'm going to steal from you to add to mine :)

  2. Thanks for the comment Annette! I checked out your site, I want to go to South America so bad. Good luck with your list!

  3. Burton this was adorable! I hope you get to do everything on this list!


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