Sunday, June 2, 2013

How much does it cost to move to NZ?

Since I write down everything that I spend money on, I thought I would add it all up and look back on how much moving to New Zealand cost, where I went wrong and things I somehow managed to get right. I will convert all of this into Canadian dollars. 

Visa- Just applying for the visa was $140. In addition, since I lived in Thailand I was at risk for tuberculosis so I needed to go to Bangkok: 
-Flight $68
-Taxi $13
-X-ray $38
-Food $10

Flight from Singapore to Auckland-$500
Flight from Auckland to Queenstown-$114

Getting to Singapore

Will get a little less specific here about every dollar but since getting to Singapore on May 1st until June 2nd, I've spent $2352 CAN. I have a few categories so let's break those down.

Breakfast- $23. Did well in this area. Not eating is apparently a great money saving strategy. $13 of those dollars came from an amazing bagel I had first thing in Queenstown. Love bagels.

Lunch-$119. I'm fine with this number I guess. Great insight eh?

Dinner-$116. Even better! Thought my dinner expense would beat my lunch expense. This would show that I haven't been indulging in lamb yet.

Entertainment- This is vague category, usually filed under drinks at a bar, movie watching and things like that. $105. Not exactly been sky diving and bungee jumping like the other millionaire tourists...

Transportation-$368. If you add the $114 I spend before arriving on this flight the number goes up. This mostly comes from a $300 flight from Queenstown to Auckland for a job interview for the job I have. Thought I would get a job on the South island, wasn't looking good so bit the bullet and went to the interview. Turned out to be money well spent. 

Lodging-$400. This number would be way higher if I hadn't spent the last 11 or so days staying rent free on a farm. This has also influence my food budget and limited my alcohol spending and entertainment options. What this money bought me was about 21 days in different dorms around NZ, usually with 6-8 other people in them. Not the worst thing in the world, good for meeting people but bad for privacy and a good nights sleep. 

Miscellaneous-This is where buying all of my winter gear gets put, purchasing books, Skype credit and things like that. $914. This is mostly for my winter jacket $260 and buying other warm clothing for the winter season. I'm okay with this number because the last thing I want to be all winter is cold so the right attire is needed. 

Groceries-(old grade 3 spelling word) $108. Staying at a hostel, buying food then making it there saves tons of money and might be a little healthier depending on what you buy. 

Alcohol-(not a grade 3 spelling word) $181. This being higher than my dinner and lunch number probably isn't good. Alcohol will get you people, at least it isn't bad for your health. 

This wasn't me living super frugally. I went out a few nights in Auckland and Queenstown, had a few decent meals, bought good clothes and books I've wanted to read for a while now. Flying from Singapore was also crazy cheap and I know that flying from Canada round trip would be over $2000 depending on how far in advance you book. Helping out with these families has drastically cut expenses and is a good way to meet actual people from New Zealand and not other travellers. Well, that's what I spent, will try and save money this winter to figure out what to do next. Hope you enjoyed this, have a great week!

"No money, no honey"

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