Thursday, June 20, 2013

First city in the world to watch the sunrise

Just finishing up my time here in Gisborne, New Zealand on Saturday then off to Whakapapa to start my job on the snow hill. Been taking care of a ladies house/farm while she is in Wellington on training for her job. She has 5 goats, chickens, cats, dogs, rabbits, and sheep. Two of her goats are pregnant and I was given a quick how to deliver baby goats lesson. Fortunately, no baby goats have come this week so they are assured a proper entry into this world without me being in charge. I watched a video on goats giving birth and it was....disturbing. If you ever wondered what that looks like, watch this if you want but it is pretty graphic.

Gisborne has a few claims to fame. Most notably, New Zealand is the first country in the world to watch the sunrise and Gisborne is the first city to watch the sun come up every day. Woke up early one morning and took these:

Other headlines Gisborne has attracted are from a dolphin named Moko. He would play with local kids and swimmers. Was known for "stealing" surfboards and other flotation devices and became a little tourist attraction within the town. He was also put on Time magazines most heroic animals for preventing a mother pygmy sperm whale and calf from beaching themselves on Mahia Beach in 2008. He was also made into a popular kids book.

If you want to see Moko in action, check this out:

Moko wasn't the only dolphin to unleash his inner animal on this small little town. Homer the sea elephant knocked out the power at a restaurant and damaged cars in the area close to the sea. People were less said when he left.

Has been relaxing waking up on a farm, feeding animals, watching NBA and NHL playoffs and living a stress free lifestyle. Excited to be put to work and finally have some income coming in. Hope you are liking the NZ posts so far and remember that compliments shouldn't be kept inside. If you can think of something you admire or like about someone then tell them. 
Lhasa, China
Lhasa, China sunrise

I gave my old students my e-mail if they wanted to stay in touch. This is what I get back.

Hello teacherbert(very ugly)
      Today I go to Kiki home Kiki said teacher Bert give Kiki a spelling word!555

New Anchorman trailer that comes out in December:

An interesting commencement speech:

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