Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Intricacies between Western and Asian women

I know what you're thinking: "Bert, you don't know anything about girls, blah blah blah". I would say you are almost right. I've somehow managed to learn at least a few things about the fairer sex from two different regions and thought I would try and share what I may or may not know. This not only comes from first hand observations but those stories I hear from friends. Do not trust this information. The terms girls and women are used interchangeably throughout.

Let's start by saying that while cultures and customs make certain people act differently, girls/women are fundamentally the same all over the world. I tell myself this all the time, there are girls everywhere. Everywhere you go you will be able to find one, usually in packs. They all want to be treated with respect, be protected, have someone to love, laugh with, create memories together and share their day with.
From what I gather, women in the Western world are a bit more prone to hand holding, kissing etc earlier on and faster that Asian women (aka easier). I'm not really sure why and not true for everyone but I think is more accepted in the western media than it is if family/reputation centered Asia. I would guess the amount of guys women sleep with is higher in North America than in Asia.

Being super clingy and obsessive is a trait that is found in both cultures. It is a trait that is bit more frowned upon and discussed in the West. Girls know that guys don't like being texted/called all the time because they don't like it either. On the other hand, in Asia, it is seen as more acceptable to be a bit more involved early on, calling or texting all the time even if they don't know each other very well yet. I'm not sure if Asian guys act that way to other Asian or Western girls but it is certainly a theme I hear others talk about when dealing with cross cultural relationships. 

As a very general rule, I would say Western women are more independent and will stand up to a man more than in Asia. Western women aren't as worried about finding a new man in their life and have their friends to back them up and encouraging them to end things. Asian women might accept a slightly lower behaviour from their boyfriends and just not express it as vocally or straightforward than other women might. There are also women is Asia who will straight up bite you in a nightclub for no reason so you aren't ever entirely safe.

Another interesting difference I found is that Asian women tend to age a bit more gracefully but will also lie about their age by adding a year, not subtracting. This is a small sample size but something that is in strike contrast to the Western world.

Finally, and this is purely my own experience, I feel like I trusted women in Asia more and thought they were less likely to cheat. While you have to be careful that some might date you because you are white, I just felt like I never had anything to worry about. Just my opinion.

The more I thought about it, the more similar both types of women are. Women love to gossip about other guys, like to buy new dresses and go out dancing, want a family at some point in the future and want a reliable, good hearted man beside them. They both can get jealous, be incredibly generous and funny. I think that dating and love are hard enough as it is without adding a communication barrier, differing attitudes towards money and cultural/family differences. I think that dating people from another culture or country is something to be encouraged and embraced. You will learn about another way of life and maybe view certain things from a different perspective.

Finally, I think we get too involved in the thinking about the future (I am incredibly guilty in this respect) and not focusing on what make us happy right now. Things might not workout with this person 9 months from now but it might make you a whole lot happier in the next 3 weeks. While we should keep an eye onto the future, let's not delay our happiness to a nondescript future date that may not ever arrive.

"Feel more, think less" Kaitlyin Poisson


  1. I've been bitten by a woman in a bar in California. For no reason. So you aren't entirely safe here either. Just saying.

  2. lol best post so far. Just amazazing stuff Burton


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