Monday, May 30, 2011

Koh Samui

Made the big move this am. Decided last night to switch islands and see what happens. When to Koh Nang Yuan beach for the day yesterday. Not the worst day of my life. Didn't bring my camera because I didn't want to worry about losing it or getting it wet but I found this new website called Google or something like that and found this

Had Pad Thai because I knew if Kendra were here I'd eat it everyday and I definitly don't love it. I don't love anything food wise yet. Had mac and cheese with bacon for supper. Researched the island and decided to go for it. 650 baht got me my own room, double bed, tv, a/c. Took a cab with 2 girls from London and just decided to stay where there staying. Maybe 6 min walk to the beach. Bought 2 big Chang beer for 80 baht. Actually rained today, very strange. Favorite songs right now are Good Life by One Republic and Dog Days Are Over because it was the last song played at Alain and Jessica's wedding and loved it. Plans for the next few days involve a kayaking trip, not having a watch on and doing whatever, and seeing if I can watch any of the NBA and Stanley Cup Finals. I suppose I want Vancouver to win. I feel good about the switch, went for lunch with these girls I met so that was a plus. Just see what happens. Just in case anyone is wondering, I'm not even upset that I'm going to miss the Backstreet Boys coming to Ottawa this summer. Like I don't even care, hasn't even crossed my mind once....not even once.............

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    For NBA/NHL are welcommmme.

    Loving the updates, great follow-through, didn't think you had it in you...even though you bought a one-way ticket and followed through on that...a blog is different, yano?


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