Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nobody tells DJ Request what to play

Good evening. We now have internet at my place so that should make these posts a little more frequent/lesser quality. Let's start with Thursday. Oh Thursday's. Use to be so great. Along with Tuesday's but for a different reason. If for some reason you did not know this, we use to call Thursday's Sexy Thursday. Me, Kendra, Rachel and Marie would hangout on Thursday's and we (I) would plan amazing things for us to do. It was a great start to the weekend and something to look forward to. Thursday a big group of us went to a famous Nahkon attraction called Shadow puppets. Apparently you can go to the guys house and look around.

Friday was Thai Day at school. No teaching. Kids dressed up, ate food and went home early. Teachers stayed and were productive. Here are some pictures of that:
3 of my kids.

So apparently in Thailand the school has a draw and the winner gets a chicken. A CHICKEN! A little girl went home on Friday with a chicken. FYI, if I came home with a chicken, my mom would not be amused. My dad would see the cooking/eating value in the situation. (Side note: I've started telling ppl here this but when I was a kid my dad use to cook salmon in the DISHWASHER. Unbelievable.

Friday after school got a massage with partner of a game that has yet to be named, picked up food for Mexican Night. Went over to Jake and Emma's for Mexican food, did not dance, then had people over here for a little Fiesta. A Thai lady may or may not have thrown a cup/glass at our gate, police may or may not have been there and there may or may not have been someone on our roof. 

Saturday went on a bit of a bike ride (by far the slowest driver of our group) (by far) (hear that mom??) (and I wear a helmet..and no Brigitte, mom didn't make me wear a helmet inside the house as a kid due to my mildly frequent hospital encounters. Went "tubing" down this "river". Only reason I did it was well 2 reasons: it looked sort of fun and Kait and Stu from Kait and Stu said they did it before and really liked it and they're Canadian. So we rent these super small tubes and tube down this river. Well. The water level was lower then before and these tubes are super small and the amount of rocks in the river makes you think of the movie "The Rock". Only mildly dangerous and proud of us for doing it. Mikey also did it, he might have had a bit of a harder time then the rest. These Thai girls were drinking on a rock on the water and watched us go down. I waited for the others to catch up and asked them if they spoke English. They shake their heads and laugh nervously. One girl says "I do not speak English" in a tone that suggest that MAYBE she does speak English. Very sneaky Thailand. Survived the trip home, took me 30 min to figure out what our password for the internet is and as soon as I did that, Abim, my roommate, says oh ya last years password? Ah, perfect, should have just waited for your help sir. Just Skyped my brother, ate a hamburger and should be in a coma in about an hour.

And that's the kind of day its been.


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