Saturday, September 10, 2011

Definitely did not watch Titanic this week.

This week was review week for teaching, kids have exams next week, then a show on the 23rd then a week to get ready for next semester then off until the 25th of October. Didn't have to teach on Friday because some kids have Hand, Foot and Mouth disease so the Health Department came in, sprayed everything so we didn't have to work or teach. No complaints. On Thursday night, played frisbee then there was a sandwich party near my house. Which was great, I brought peanut butter and jam, other people brought way more advanced things. Had 4 and a half sandwiches. If I was good at blogging there would be pictures right here, but as you know from reading this, I run a low end operation. There are pictures out there and should post them at some random time. Friday, went to a cowboy themed, free beer/free food party. That was great. As Stu said, I bet nobody from home right now is thinking "I bet he is at a cowboy themed Thai style party". Again, didn't bring my camera HOWEVER some people do bring theirs so I have stolen some. Might get some more this week so will post those when I get them. Here:
There were balloons everywhere.
Got my bike washed for the first time on Friday, then it wouldn't start. Eventually got it to the Honda dealership where the guy told me my bike needs oil. Not just in Canada do bikes need oil, apparently a universal thing. Lesson learned. Went too late to pick it up on Saturday, ate chili at Sean's restaurant. Don't worry mom, you beat his chili hands down.

That's sort of what last week has been like. I found these interesting time lapse videos. This one is fun and the one on New York and Barcelona are well done.

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