Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bangkok to Ko Tao

Alrrrrrright. So.Got to Thailand fine. Took a few hours, a few movies and a nap but finally got here. It outside. I knew that going into it but didn't expect it so late but not really a complaint, more of an observation. Going through customs here is very different from going to the States. Not sure the guy spoke English, just  stamped my passport and let me through. Wanted to take a bus but was too late so had to take a cab, guy was super nice, 500 baht which wasn't that bad. Got to my first hostel ever just before 1am. Pretty nice, clean, seems safe. Had to find my room in pitch black darkness, big room with thin dividers and bunk beds. Tried sleeping but not chance. Went on my computer, talked to Kendra for a bit, got very hungry, was my birthday in Thai time so thought I would make the most of it. Just started walking, found this  little place.

 Had my first Thai dish, rice and chicken. Just told the girl make it and I will eat it. Gave me a shot for free, set it on fire and make me drink it out of a straw. Food was good, walked down Khao San Road..that was intense. A lot of prostitution, a lot of drinking, got my first thai foot massage for 100 baht.

Next day I woke up early, went to a temple, tried getting on a boat tour but didn't work 100% to say the least, I think that river may be polluted. Got another Thai massage near my hostel, the girl cracked my back in a way I didn't think was possible so I loved that. Had my first Thai street food, I don't love Bangkok, very busy and people just seem to want to take your money and will do there best to take advantage of you because you're a tourist. Googled places to go for my birthday, decided on Skybar and Vertigo, 2 rooftop patios. So I took a nap, thought it was 1am, it was 10pm so I got into a tuk tuk, went to Skybar. View was crazy, drinks were expensive but you're paying for the view, not so much the beer. Went to Vertigo, then went back to Khoa San Road, went to a few bars, met people who knew people so got free drinks. I fnd time goes by super slow here, I really want to leave Bangkok and hit up Ko Tao for some scuba diving. Next day I checked out, googled how to get to Ko Tao, wanted to get a phone and a suit so I wouldn't have to come back to Bangkok if I found a job teaching English. Went to MBK shopping centre with a group of guys, huge mall. Ate food there, decided I just wanted to leave so went to train station, talked to people about how to get to Ko Tao, said the bus was the best option but I had to wait like 5 hours at the train station which was not fun. Crazy hot, just sweating being there. Long story short finally got on the bus, packed so they let me sit in this downstairs, more expensive seating with 7ish other people. Turned out to be the best part of the trip. Such cool people, bought beers and drank them on the 10 hour trip. Went by so fast. 4 Hour stop in some little port town, so we explored that a bit, found a sketchy dock to walk down, went into whatever body of water there is there, took some pictures, saw sunrise and took a boat to Ko Tao. Ended up staying with a couple from the bus who are from Chicago, very cool people. Ko Tao is beautiful, trip definitly turned around after I left the city. Got a hotsel for 250 baht, drank that night with Scott and Rose Mary. Cheap bukets for a of vodka redbull will get you, watched a fire show, which I took pictures of and will post when I have more time. Internet is everywhere here but I just would rather be doing stuff on the island than updating my blog or checking my email. Next day just swam, went snorkelling for the first time, that was cool, like being inside an aquarium. Booked my dive trip with Big Blue diving, got 3 free nights at there resort. Went witih Scott to pick up his friend Liam from Korea, bus was 2 hours late, didn't bring money and turned very hungry, which is not a good situation for this guy. Had  a beer and some garclic bread with those guys on the beach, plaed some frisbee, went to my dive orientation, watch some diving movies, filled out study guide. Should be an experience. Weird thinking I have to wake up and do something at a certan time, but if my biggest problem is waking up to go scuba diving at the biggest scuba diving hub in the world, my problems aren't that big. Had a spicky chicken pita for supper,  watched fire show again because it is great.   Went to bed early, now I'm up, looking at the water and updating this for the first time in a few days. Will post pictures in a bit, but having a fun time. Being around fun people definitly makes it better and will just continue to meet people, really want to stay on the islands and met people who gave me some numbers to call. Post back after scuba diving with hopefully shorter posts.


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